Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Roadtrip: Part III – Nonie’s Family and a Wedding

After a tiring night out to Iffah's house and a stop to one of Penang's famous Char Keow Teow Restaurant, we then got dressed up to attend Nonie's wedding.

Nonie waiting for her groom to come in her beautiful adorned bedroom.

Her family and I have a history that goes way back to my university years. I usually invited myself to stay with Nonie's family in Kedah on some holidays. We'd use her father's old proton saga car or bus to get there from KL. (Sekarang die ade kereta Perdana, eh silap... Waja! Pergghh!!!)

Nonie at that time was working at Shah Alam and I, as an ACCP trainee. The most fond memory would be the time I stayed during the Raya Korban holidays.

~I dawned on my Blue Jubah to do our raya prayers at a nearby mosque and Faka came by and said "Cantik la kak". At that time, it seemed normal. But now, if he says that again, my heart might skip a beat. LoL.~
(Faka ~ 180cm and Annas ~ 183cm)

During those times, I actually saw her brothers shirtless, running amok around the house.. Hahahaha.. And WOW, they've grown into adorable, next-door Kampung boys.. erkk.. I mean men because they've grown so much taller, among other physical changes... if you know what I mean.... =p

Fellow engineers who grown into distinguished individuals in their own right. Yang lain seme single kecuali cik Wizza.. hahaha..

My favorite photo. (Even though aku takde dlm gmbr.. =p)

As we left the wedding and we were exchanging our goodbyes... Nonie's mom held me tight. I meant she was hugging me tight until I had difficulty to breath!

"Bila nak bawa makcik jumpa mak zarah nih?"

errkkk... makcik nak aku jadi menantu ker?? hehehe....

Monday, December 15, 2008

Roadtrip: Part II – Faruq, Iffah’s First Born

"zarah..apsal ko blanja iza n zati je?? aku, kz n faruq cmne????? xnak dtg umah aku yg bsepah ni ke??"

Iffah's recent comment from my post has caused us to stop by Iffah's house at Permatang Pauh. An hour drive from our hotel. It was raining and we just stopped by Parkson to buy Faruq some presents and also wedding presents for Nonie. (Sori yer... takde hadiah utk mak ayah Faruq. ) =p

Akhirnya.. kami sampai jugak rumah Iffah yang tak bersepah pon itu.. hehe
By seeing how dreamy-eyed and handsome Mr Faruq is, you should realize by now that his genetic pool is passed down by equally beautiful parents. =p

Iffah & KZ. (KZ is seen in the orange t-shirt above)

Pn Iffah's picture couldn't be posted here because she didn't wear her 'tudung' (nak elak aku post gmbr dia yg cun la tu.. huhu) and I think her handsome hubby won't let me. LoL..
Gmbr tangan Iffah pegang Faruq adela...
Another thing, Iffah cooked us spagetti that night! Seronok dapat makan masakan Iffah nih.. hehe..

Tp alahai... Mase wedding kitorang tak sempat nak jumpa plak... sbb Iffah & famili dtg lewat sedikit dari kami.. Takpe2... seb baik dah jumpa malam sblm nya kan, iffah, kan???

Roadtrip: Part I – A MyVi and Four Women

We planned to meet up at the Batu Tiga KTM station at 9:00am on Saturday, 13th of December 2008. I estimated beforehand the time it takes from Sentul to get there and decided to leave my apartment at 7:30am in the morning. =p

I took the Star lrt to Bandaraya and then jumped on the KTM train at Bank Negara KTM Station. Shockingly I was five minutes earlier than expected and Sarra was already waiting there in her pearl white MyVi. She’s working in Singapore/Johor now and have came a long way just to have this road-trip with us. Hehehe.. it has been a year since I’ve last seen her.. Waa… she hasn’t changed a bit except having pink for her favorite color. Errrrkkk…..

After Norin arrived, the threesome then headed to Tg Malim to fetch Umai. . There was some train breakdown and she wasn’t able to get to Batu Tiga on time. Sigh.

When our group of four was finally complete, we then began our road-trip to Sg. Petani. Sarra and Norin will take turns at the wheel.. Aku?? Rileks jer, duduk kat depan. =p

Me: Oi Sarra! Tahu tak jalan ke Kedah ni?

Sarra: Tak

Me: Pernah pergi tak?

Sarra: Tak

Me: ???????

Ok… trial and error… =p. This is the beauty of being young and ignorant. We still got time to make mistakes... and learning from them. hahahaha…

After numerous tolls and a whirlwind of events... we finally reached Sg Petani about 7 hours later.. (usually it takes 5 hours right?? hmmm...)

We stayed at a chic cheap hotel. RM118 per night. Two double-sized beds in a family suite. Hmm.. who slept with me that night?? hehe..

to be continued....

Roadtrip: Part II – Faruq, Iffah’s First Born

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