Friday, March 28, 2014

Backpacking to Georgetown, Penang

March was a no action month for me. My newly acquainted travel partner whom I enjoyed hitch hiking to Gua Tempurung last month was busy with her new job and had no time to travel with me anymore. I tried inviting her several times to go on a weekend trip to Penang but was refused everytime.

I got depressed. *lebih-lebih pula. hahaha

Until one fine day....

Georgetown of Penang has many beautiful places to take creative pictures. hehe.

I was wasting my life away behind stacks of work at the office when suddenly my usually very SILENT iPod was pinging loudly (just to show that I'm not a socially person on social media nowadays. haha). Oh my, some-one sent me a message via facebook. Wondering of the sudden ping, I replied.

Translation soon to follow below. hehe
Helga : Girl *gives a bouquet of flowers
Me : Yes Hel? What devil on earth has possessed you?
Helga : *laughs* Let's go to Penang next week!

And so I did. It was as if god answered my silent prayer!!! Two days before the following Friday, I bought a transnational bus ticket to Penang from Puduraya. The bus was expected to leave by 5:30pm on Friday which means I had a lot of explaining to my boss so that he'll allow me to leave the office early. :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Non-Honeymooner Trip to Maldives

I was sitting with two men who were above 50 years old during tea time at my office. One of them began questioning me on my travels abroad. One of the questions that tickled my fancy started like below.

Uncle: So you went overseas alone to Maldives?
Me : Yes, sir.
Uncle : Heee'ehhh! If you're my daughter, I'd shackle your ankles and lock you in the house!
Me : =___="

Suddenly the other uncle chirped in after being quiet all the while.
Second uncle : I'll get her married instead!

And they both laughed out loud. Inside my head at that very moment... "Thank god my father isn't like these two uncles." Hahahahaha! (Ps: I love you dad. )

So Maldives ah? I went there before AirAsia terminated the route effective 1st of March 2014. I had some money left over after a friend paid his debt and mindlessly bought return tickets to Maldives, two weeks before it's route termination.

Frantic to find some hosts to take me in via Couchsurfing but to no avail, I decided to contact my friend who resides there whom I met during my 11 days training in India in 2012. He replied in good spirit that his sister can host me. So I looked forward to my Maldives trip with soaring spirits.