Friday, January 24, 2014

Myanmar Now Compared to a Year Ago

Over the past two years, I've been traveling with various people who has various travel styles. And during that phase, I've begin adopting styles that I was most comfortable with. Mostly it were things that I learnt about myself. Here are the things :

1. Traveling between cities during daytime wastes a lot of time. Unless of course you have no other option than to travel during daytime. Nowadays, I opt to take overnight bus/train rides which in turn saves lots of money on accommodations and of course time. It also helps me to cover a whole lot of places!  :)

2. The usage of a backpack is very convenient. It enables me to move from one place to another with less hassle. And not forgetting that I still have a strong back, muscular legs (blerghh!) and "kudrat", I'll continue to travel with this style until it breaks. I might start using a trolley bag when I'm 40 but then again my favorite traveler, Ms Naked Traveler whom I suspect is above 40 still uses a backpack. :P

This is thus far the most beautiful sunset ever experienced this year!! At Upain bridge of Mandalay! 
That being said, I again traveled to Myanmar last week with these adopted travel styles thus gained more local experience and hardships than last year! Haha!