Thursday, January 7, 2016

8 Things About Climbing In Indonesia

First of all, ALHAMDULILLAH for a new year and being able to add another year to my age yesterday. At the beginning of 2015, I made an Excel list of mountains to climb in Malaysia. After climbing a few with the toughest climb ever (for a newbie like me) of Mt Korbu; 2183mdpl and Gayong; 2173 mdpl, the 2nd and 4th highest mountain in West Malaysia respectively... I suddenly decided to look upon mountains in Indonesia.

Not having much experience with setting up my own tent and cooking my own meals during any of my hiking trips in Malaysia (as I followed a group of people who did those for me).. I finally tasted my first experience in Mt Talang of Solok West Sumatera. (Talang - Part 1, Talang - Part 2)

Ever since then, I started collecting camping equipment to prepare myself for future climbs. Here is a list of things I've learnt about climbing in Indonesia.

1. Tents : Unlike climbing in Malaysia where the hikers prefer setting up flysheet and ground to house up to 20 people under one roof... in Indonesia, they tend to set up tents! I've seen various high quality tents whilst climbing in Indonesia and impressed at how tough it stands the strong winds at the mountain tops! They even have local brands such as Rei and Eiger that makes pretty good tents.

Picture taken at Mt. Prau. I shot this tent found on top of a hill there, secured against the strong winds.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Being Festively Special at The Majestic Hotel

Christmas is coming and more and more people are looking for places to dine and treat a special some-one during those festive nights. Set amidst the Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur's refined historical atmosphere, any dining experience would definitely be unforgettable. I've experienced first hand how attentive the hotel's team are to details during my stay there last year and they have successfully demonstrated an all-out effort to ensure that every guest (including the lill ones) content and happy!

Luckily, I was again, able to enjoy a special experience there. I was invited to join a Sampling of Festive Cheer Menu event held at Colonial Cafe, Level 1 of the Majestic Hotel last Friday night. They let me bring another person and so knowing that my younger sister was begging to bring her to some place exclusive, I decided to bring her along.

Love the design on this !
It is learnt that every year the hotel creates merriment that captures the enchantment and tradition of Christmas and New Year the Majestic Way. They'll create dining experiences that lets guests eat, drink and be joyous with the carefully crafted Christmas inspired menus, live music from renowned musicians and fine wines (which I don't drink. Hehe.)

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

In and About #TBM2015 - Travel Bloggers Meetup 2015

Four travelers were invited to become panelists for this year's Travel Bloggers Meetup hosted by Sedunia Travel and the theme was 6 Degrees of Travel. Each person were to share their travel connections and experiences to the floor as they are given questions from the attendees. Topics varied from how to meet the locals to how to structure a travel itinerary. A perfect summary of the event can be read here, written by panelist Ms. Anis Ibrahim. A freelance writer who loves open spaces and could walk for miles and miles just because she loves it. Hehe. Other panelists were pakcik RAW of Ramble and Wander, Menk of Routexplorers and Zarah of (oppsss.. she sounds highly familiar, ermm...), each of them are seasoned travelers (except the last person).

I love the painting at the back! Here's a picture of all four panelists for that day. From the left - Menk, RAW, Anis and the one who shouldn't be there. :P
I will not blog more on what the speakers has shared during the event, but will blog more on who and what was going on throughout the event through Instagram pictures posted by the attendees. There was an Instagram contest going on with the hashtag #TBM2015 and these were some of the pictures shared.

Here's TBM2015 via Instagram Pictures. Thanks to those who posted 'em.

A photo posted by Riz Baldivia (@lamyerda) on

The meetup was held in Calavera. A cozy place with eccentric decor.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Captured, Framed and Judged

There aren't that many travel related reality TV shows out there. The ones that I know of are the likes of "The Amazing Race" and perhaps "Survivor". And then I learnt there is another travel related TV show that not only showcases countries they've visited, they also help educate the viewers on how to get the best shot. Shot? I mean photo shots. :)

I was invited to attend this launch of a reality show called Photo Face-Off season 2, coming to HISTORY Asia starting Tuesday, 22 September 2015 at 10pm (tomorrow)!. After declining many event and sponsored trips before this, I suddenly decided to attend this one after a long absence from the blogger event scene.

At the event I get to meet Azril Azam, Ignitius Kong, Desmond Teoh and Pro Photographer Justin Mott who spoke to the media during this launch of Photo Face-Off Season 2. I honestly didn't watch the first season as I have no TV at home (opps) but the promotional videos looks awesome!

Three contestants from Malaysia : 
Here are the personal biodata of the three contestants who will battle to the finish in this year's season two. Only one will move forward to  compete with winning contestants from Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Singapore.