Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Less Than 60 Days

This is another of those trips where I have to plan months before with limited resources (by this I mean money), depending wholly on my monthly salary (as I didn't save much) and no travel-mate to share the planning tasks. There was one guy, however who wanted to join but I decided to do this solo for reasons unbeknownst to everyone but me. *sorryyy*

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Less than 60 days and I have yet to do the following (on hold as I currently don't have the money. Haha)  :
  1. Train ticket within Russia (to be bought from here -- ).
  2. Invitation letter from Russia (could be done here)
  3. Russia Visa Application (need to visit the Russian Embassy in KL)
  4. Travel Insurance (planning to buy this one -- ace travel insurance) 
  5. Figuring all the transportation from airports to city (this is gonna be tricky)
  6. Have to deal with a lot of currencies -- Russian rubles, Euros, Danish Krones, Norwegian Krones, Swedish Krones, British Pounds, Polish Zloty.
  7. Figuring out where to STAY at all the cities though I haven't started looking for couchsurfing hosts. Maybe 2 weeks before flying? :)
  8. Bring ENOUGH CASH as I still don't have a credit card. :P
  9. Last but not the least.... APPLY LEAVE FROM THE OFFICE!! Holy molly! Haven't applied yet! 
With all that in mind, I don't know how to concentrate on work. Hahaha. *sorry boss*

And so I finally updated my blog. Phew!!