Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Yogyakarta, a Foolish Girl's Dream Come True

Do you know that feeling when you have  a crush on this person since the first time you've met (early 2013) making your knees weak and face flushed whenever you're in his presence? It took about some time to finally realize that these reactions were immature and down-right foolish. Hahaha.

And to top that foolishness, I also secretly harbored a dream to ride on a motorbike with him and explore mountains, beaches and waterfalls together. Yeahh.. my head is full of horse shit. How to behave myself around him with these thoughts in my head? LOL!

But as months past... (a whole year even!) and having traveled with many people sometimes alone with the opposite sex whom I trust my life and honor with and who became great friends, I suddenly garnered the courage to befriend my crush, minus the foolish thoughts. :)

So one fine day, when browsing for cheap airline tickets online, I chanced upon a cheap RM125 return tickets to Yogyakarta, Indonesia. My heart skipped a beat when I realized that the guy I secretly admire is currently staying there. I decided to test if I could come there by messaging him, asking if he was free to host me.

................ few anxious moments later.............