Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Couchsurfing and the Azan

I accepted a couchsurfing request sometime last week when I didn't know things were about to get crazy for me after that. I didn't foresee my 'lill sister was coming to stay with me during the same weekend my couchsurfer from Ukraine was coming. And I certainly didn't foresee that my parents were also coming a few days after for a heart operation at Institut Jantung Malaysia (Malaysia's Heart Institution).

Even after knowing all of these things were gonna happen on the same week.. I didn't have the heart to cancel the couchsurfer's request and just allowed her to come. At that time, I probably had thought of a dozens of excuses to cancel the request but it never fall through. Haha. And so she came and I was hoping that she wouldn't mind being cramped in a small room with my sister and I.

Thankfully... all my housemates were not home during that long Thaipusam weekend except for one girl. And my sister was being very hospitable. Since it was a public holiday, I was free to bring my guest around KL for some sight-seeing without being tied up with office work.

One funny moment happened that washed away all my doubts in hosting couchsurfers. An adorable moment. My guest heard a loud sound through the loudspeakers in my neighborhood and the conversation started like this :

Guest : Did you hear that? What is that man singing about?
My sister : Oh, that's the azan. A calling for prayers.
Guest : Azan?
My sister : We Muslims are being called five times a day to pray by this "singer". It's like a reminder so that we don't forget. 
Guest : It sounds lovely. I never been to a Muslim country.

I smiled when I heard their conversation. And this is why I love hosting and being hosted on couchsurfing.com. I get to share my culture and the way of living of a local with foreigners. Let them know... hey.. Malaysia is a beautiful country and yeah, we're not terrorists! Hahaha!

With my guest, Lika at KLCC.
My head and heart lightened up after that and I continued to be the gracious host despite having doubts of hosting when times were getting tough. I shall not forget the reason why I joined couchsurfing in the first place as I believe in the site's aim in creating.. “a world made better by travel and travel made richer by connection”.. Praise thee god for the life given.  :)

PS: The news about guests being raped is shocking! I hope I won't have such experience when I couchsurf!