Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thailand Trip Day 5 - Street Lamp Guesthouse and the people I met

"Jard, when are you gonna blog about that guy you came all the way from KL to meet in Bangkok?" my friend asked me.
"Yeah, your scandal!" hooted another friend.

LOL. Scandal? Couldn't you use another word? Alright. Hold your horses. Am getting there.

Moving on to where I left off on my 1st backpacking trip to Thailand with Rayyan Haries. (covering Hatyai, Krabi, Bangkok and Ayuthayya.), I believe I stopped at Ayuthayya, right? *checks back my previous entries.

It was my second day at Ayuthayya. I was loving my stay at Street Lamp, despite the hard bed and my room's door facing the shared bathroom outside (where once in awhile see half-naked men passing through.) *keeps door close most of the time. Rayyan warned me last night not to go out because a guy wasn't wearing anything on. OMG! I had to wait until way past midnight to take a bath and Rayyan dutifully waited outside the bathroom door in case something bad happens. *terharu

I was humbled by the place's owner, the lovely Nadia, her mom which I met, the boyish girl singer, Matoy (who made my drawn picture of her  as her FB profile picture! ahaks!), and the travelers I met there, Ayako and Masaya of Japan and Carmen of Spain. Having said that, my unforgettable travels are always the ones that involves being with or meeting with other people. ^___^

From top : My room in Street Lamp guest house, the exterior of Street Lamp (just across from Tony's place) and the people I met there : Masaya, Nadia, Carmen and travelmate, Rayyan.
I met Carmen the night before. She was a traveller doing all kinds of volunteering jobs around the world. She just came down from three months in Myanmar and is heading to Bangkok where she'll be heading to another volunteer work in Indonesia via Bangkok's international airport. I overheard that Rayyan is planning to join her there. Hehe. When? No idea.

We lazed a bit on the morning of the 5th day. I went to get my laundry from Nadia's neighbor (an old lady that smiles a lot. hehe) and waited for a tuk-tuk to pick us up for more temple hopping today. It costs about 150 baht per hour. Rayyan and I paid for 3 hours (if not mistaken lah.). Masaya hit the island via bicycle. T___T  (Rayyan didn't know how to ride one so I had to rent a tuk-tuk with him, tiz sad!) 

Beep! Beep! *driver beeping from outside.

Lo and behold, our tuk-tuk driver and his beloved tuk-tuk. hehehe.
"Pose for me dear sir!" And here's his winning pose. Awww!
So we're off to another round of Ayuthayya and it's historical ruins! *next post (hahaha! guess have to do more waiting on my post on that mysterious Bangkok guy! hahahaha!)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Genting Highlands with the Jakarta lads.

Helga said to meetup at Pudu Sentral at 7 am. I was a morning person and was actually there on time. Lulz. But unfortunately Helga and Singgih woke up late and were hitting the showers when I messaged them of my arrival.

And so I waited and killed my time by exploring Pudu Sentral. Twas my second time here. The last time was to buy a bus ticket to Hatyai. This time around was to buy a ticket to Genting Highlands. =)

Pudu Sentral has 4 floors accessible by escalators and stairs. I haven't notice any lifts though. The ground floor is where the buses are and each loading bay are labeled numerically from number 1. Your bus ticket will tell you which bay to load. Second floor is the waiting area before you go down to the buses. They got sliding glass doors in which you have to press a button to open it. You can find various small shops and money changers here. Sadly, they open quite late in the morning. (I was hungry!! Thankfully Helga bought me nasi lemak. =p) On the third floor you'll find the ticketing counters of various bus operators. The biggest would be Transnasional. And on the fourth floor is a hotel.

Helga and Singgih arrived around 8:30 am and bus tickets to Genting were sold out by then. We had to buy the 10 am ones. The earliest was 7:30 am. Hee. We tried to get on the earlier buses if by chance there were free seats but failed. 10 am it is and to the massage chairs our time were spent!

Genting Highlands Package Ticket Price - RM58.00
Package includes - Bus from Pudu Sentral to Skyway (return), Cable Car (return), Outdoor Theme Park or Lunch Buffet

The view from the cable car into Genting Highlands. Pictures credit to Singgih.
We reached Genting Skyway around 11 am which was earlier than expected and reached the top within 20 minutes! The weather seemed promisingly a beautiful sunny day. What I disliked the most was the lack of informational signage showing the correct way to the theme park. I had to ask three different people to show me the way. Pffft! Genting Highlands authorities.. do take note. =)
Once inside the park, we checked the maps to plan our rides. Time was running out!
We got confused with the directions. I for one wasn't handy with maps. I tend to wander aimlessly until I find the place. And that's what we did. Haha!
The various attractions within the outdoor theme park. 
The sunny day suddenly transformed into a rainy and foggy day. Some of the roller coaster rides were closed and we made due with the rides that were open. Kiddy rides, mostly. Sigh. Thus, we managed to try four rides only. =(
"ALL ABOARD!" Have you tried the London bus there? It gives you the feeling that you're overseas! haha! 
And I guess the most memorable moment there was watching a group of k-pop dressed people recording a Gangnam Style video on the Pirate Ship thrill ride. Helga and I were among the lucky ones who were on the same ride and happen to witnessed their recordings.

Let's do Oppa Gangnam KL Style!!! 
It was plain crazy, there were people with cameras both behind and in front of us. And the whole group in front were doing the Gangnam moves. (Tak jadi tutup mata sebab nak tengok gelagat mereka, haha) They were lucky that the cameras didn't fall off the sides. That would've been nasty and costly. =)

Our fun was cut short when it suddenly began to rain heavily and we had to run in it to find shelter. Dripping wet, we eventually headed to a mushollah and did our dzuhur prayers. The whole theme park was engulfed by a thick mist and the pitter patter of rainfalls. And thus ends our Genting trip. 

Can you see the pelts of the rain falling in this picture? hehe.
We headed down the highlands at about 3pm and reached Kuala Lumpur by 6 pm. Did a little shopping and were back home around 10 pm. For that piece of adventure, you readers will have to wait for the blog postings of Helga and Singgih.

Be duly reminded that all pictures in this Genting blogpost were taken by either Helga or Singgih and edited by me. Hehe. Till next post, good bye!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Touring Jakarta lads around KL and Putrajaya

It was a rainy Saturday morning, a perfect day to sleep in but I was due to meet up some friends from Jakarta at the Masjid Jamek lrt station around 1 pm. It took much will power to drag myself out from the bed, into the shower and out of the door.

And eventually I was 15 minutes late.

Thankfully, my friend Helga messaged me and said he wanted to pray first. Hehe. And so I entered the Mosque compound and find my way into the women's area, abet asking directions from an old man there. To tell you the truth, this was my very FIRST time praying at this historic mosque. Shameful to admit. And before entering the mushollah, I spotted Helga in his kain batik sitting with his friend just a few meters away. Oh well, will contact him later. =p

Helga and Singgih (hope the spelling is right. LOL) in front of Masjid Jamek.
I was about to get out from the praying room when my phone started beeping. I saw him first from afar before reading the message and immediately telephoned him. "Hey, I'm just behind you lah! Haha!" And thus a picture was taken at our first meeting point as seen above. =)

The weather was drizzling and I was concerned about out walk-around tour around KL in bad weather. But since another local friend wanted to lend his help, I opted to bring the lads to an open house session at one of my friend's house at Bangi. We used the lrt to Bandar Tasik Selatan to meet up with our supir (read: driver).

Friends I met through My Selangor Story 2011 trip, Mohd Zaid (the supir) and Helga. =)
I was a bit nervous on what to say to my friend if she asked me who these lads were since I'm currently "unattached". Haha. Thankfully I didn't have to explain anything. At least, saying that I was bringing friends from Indonesia around KL made her father extra cheerful! And due to sudden heavy downpour, we got stranded there for a bit!

After a round of Kambing Golek and Nasi Beriyani from my friend's house we headed to Putrajaya, the Administrative Center of Malaysia. Sadly, Helga and Singgih didn't eat much. They have such tiny tummies! =p

We visited the Seri Warisan Bridge at Putrajaya
I made Zaid park at an illegal spot just so that we could walk around the bridge and take pictures! Haha! Thankfully we weren't issued a fine.

After forcing the lads to jump while I became their helpful camera person (I can be  a very persuasive person. ihikz), we headed to the most famous roundabout in Putrajaya to visit these two iconic buildings below.

Upper pic is the Jabatan Perdana Menteri (Prime Minister's Office) and the below pic is Masjid Putrajaya.
Outsiders who didn't fit the "aurat" criteria had to wear raincoats to enter the compound and are provided for. Can't say the same for Masjid Jamek though. And within the compound there's even a small souvenir shop selling postcards and other touristy things. How convenient!

A place for worship and also ideal for tourists. =)
We did our asar prayers here and then we went to the eatery area downstairs. There was a waterfront where we can go on a cruise around the man-made lake or just chill while eating ice-cream. Which is what we exactly did. RM4.50 per cone. *gasps!
Treating them ice-cream on a rainy day is not advisable. Haha!
Our next destination was Bukit Bintang! Zaid actually works in this area and so he took the reins and became our unofficial tour guide around Bukit Bintang. We covered Jalan Alor (full of road cafes), Berjaya Times Square, Low Yat and his own office where we dropped by to drink and pray. Hahaha!

Clockwise from upper left : Bukit Bintang road, in front of Low Yat, Jalan Alor and the theme park inside Times Square.
The ticket prices for the indoor theme park of Times Square are RM43 for non-ic holder and RM38 for ic holders. And nope, we didn't enter. On tight budget. =p

After maghrib, we headed to Merdeka Square. I wanted to show them the changing colors of Sultan Ahmad Samad Building during the night. It is a recommended spectacular view to behold! (Yes, I'm a big fan of lip-lap lights! Haha!)

Managed to catch the different colors of the building. Well, I think there were only 4 colors. Errr...
Not having enough of colorful lights, we brought our Indonesian friend to KLCC to view the changing colors of the fountain! I think it becomes a musical fountain at 8pm where the 1Malaysia song is being played. We waited quite a while for the music to be replayed but it didn't happen! Sigh!
Many people has gathered around this fountain. It was a surprise to see such a crowd during night-time!
Helga received free samples of Munchy's crackers while he sat there observing and taking pictures. I went inside the mall to do some errands and had them waiting outside. Hihi!

Tired and most definitely hungry by the time I finished my errands, we crashed at my favorite restaurant near my apartment to get dinner. And also it was easier for the driver to send me home right after we had our fill. Hehe. A girl have to think for herself when in a company of men. 
At the famous Al-Azmi Seafood Garden Restaurant @ Sentul.
The dinner was great as always. Highly recommended by myself. Hehe. I've brought many of my foreign guests for dinner here and I assure you, they all had high reviews of the restaurant's Thai ambiance  with its excellent food and service.  Don't believe me? Ask Helga and Zaid. =)

With that we ended our evening and I was sent home. Zaid later sent these boys to their hostel at Jalan Sultan near Petaling Street. I believe they'll be heading to Melaka and Genting next. Enjoy your stay in Malaysia guys! 

Friday, September 14, 2012

[Edisi Bahasa] Jalan-jalan Cari Jodoh di Bali

"Jumpa yang kacak,
Yang beriman,

Cuma berlainan agama ~ Kak Masy, Bali Trip 2012"

Sudah lama aku tak berbahasa dalam blog ini. Sekali-sekala tukar angin apa salahnya? Ye dak?

Kak Zonaku dan Kak Masy. jalan-jalan mencari cinta. Hehe. Gambar oleh Arabella. Cun-cun ohh gambar Bella!
Semasa ke Pantai Kuta minggu lepas, aku diseru untuk datang berhampiran mereka. Kelihatan dua orang lelaki tempatan bersama mereka. Tiba-tiba mereka minta aku berikan nombor telefon aku kepada jejaka-jejaka tersebut. Whaddehell?? Apsal lah kena bagi nombor telefon aku? Aku kekonfiusan sampai ke hari ini! Walaupun terkejut dan rasa nak larikan diri tapi kesian pulak mamat neh sedang menanti dengan henfon Nokia beliau sambil pandang-pandang aku penuh harapan. Aisehhh! Hahaha! *poyo!

Aku pasrah jelah. Harap beliau datang blog aku ini sebab aku siap bagi URL blog tahu! =p

Tapi tak ku sangka...

.... kekawan aku ade agenda tersembunyi rupanya!! Aku baru perasan bila melihat kembali gambar-gambar ini pada kamera diorg! Ciskekkkk!!!

Ini pula kerja korang di belakang aku ya! (gambar oleh Wafa)
Ha'ah! Korang nak buat cerita apa dengan gambar neh ha'ah???? Awassssss!!!! *ohmyBM

Perjalanan diteruskan keesokan harinya untuk mencari jodoh....

Kali ini ke tempat bermandi-manda secara beramai-ramai di tempat awam. Tujuan mereka yang beragama hindu berbuat demikian adalah untuk menyucikan diri pada Hari Raya mereka. Kebetulan pula, keempat-empat gadis (kami) berada di posisi paling strategik dalam ruangan mandi itu untuk menangkap gambar.

Aku ada sebab sendiri kenapa boleh tahan lama berlegaran di situ. Ehem-ehem! Tak tahu pula apa sebab mereka kan?


..... tujuan kami SAMA rupanya! hahahaha! Girls will be girls. lalala!

Mukanya persis Arjun Rampal. Penuh khusyuk tawadduk lagaknya apabila dia menyucikan diri di sini. =) (gambar  oleh Bella)
Adakah kami berjaya mencari cinta hati di Bali?

Semestinya tidakkkk!!! Hahaha!!!

Yang penting persahabatan kami yang terjalin sejak 2010 masih kukuh dan lebih akrab, penuh love-love ala Korean style giteww!

Sarangheyoo from Kintamani Bali! (Gambar dari Bella)
Boleh dikatakan mereka ini jenis kawan yang boleh diajak menari tarian Gangnam Kecak Memuah Style. 
(suka hati bagi nama tarian. haha!) Korang hadooo? =p

Khabarnya ada videoklip ye?? Nak tengokkk!! 
Jadi, kekawan memuah ku.. bila trip seterusnya????

ps: entri suka-suka.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Top 10 Things to do in Bali, Indonesia

Doing this post as requested by a fellow Instagrammer. Hehe. I've been active on Instagram these past few months and planned to record all my travels through instagram instead of blogging about it. Reason being, it geo-tags all my pictures on a world map! Awesomeness! But guess a blogpost is needed so here it goes on Bali, Indonesia. Costs included. =)

1. Rent a car with a driver

Car rental - Rp 500,000 ++/day (depends on how much they like you. haha!)

Our drivers in Bali, contact number - +6281337750722 (Ironei) :)
It's cheap! I mean it! It's really, REALLY cheap to just hire a driver with a car of your choice. Price differs according to the size of the group you're traveling with. In my case, it was a group of 8 people. Hint: Drivers without driving license are the cheapest kinds. LOL!

2. Go to Hard Rock Cafe/Hotel at Kuta Beach

Hard Rock Hotel in Bali, Indonesia and it's shop. Rp300,000 per city shirt piece.
Ala, come on! I know most of the travelers are avid t-shirt or pin collectors of the Hard Rock Cafe merchandise. I just happen to be one. Well, just starting my own collection so this place is a MUST visit on my list!

Kuta Beach

A picturesque Kuta Beach. Surfing anyone? Or perhaps sunbathing? =)
Well known for it's bombings in 2002 and 2005 killing many tourists, it is still a major tourist attraction in Bali. Kuta is well-known for it's long sandy beaches,various accommodations and hotels, and has many restaurants and bars. You could also see surfers and sunbathers here. The Balinese actually held an event called the "Kuta Carnival - a celebration of Life" to commemorate those who perished in the bombings and it lasts 9 days long.

3Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK)

Entrance Ticket - Rp 30,000/pax

Its a private cultural park spanning about 240 hectares. Used as a venue to cater weddings, concerts, events it also houses two large statues which are the armless Hindu God Vishnu and his wingless mount, the Garuda. The Garuda is his mythical bird companion. It's rumored to have its wings built spanning 23 meters long and will make it the LARGEST statue in the world. When will it be completed? I have no idea. Wiki too.

This park comprises of supporting facilities such as Lotus Pond, Festival Park, Amphitheater (to watch the Kecak Dance!), Street Theater, Exhibition Hall, as well as Jendela Bali The Panoramic Resto and souvenir shop. A good one-stop tourist spot in Bali. More of it can be read here.  =)

4. Pura Luhur Uluwatu

Entrance Ticket- Rp 20,000/pax
The beautiful sunset at Uluwatu and the menacing monkeys on the picture below, far right.
It is a Balinese Sea Temple and said to be among the nine directional temples built in the 11th century to help protect Bali from evil spirits. I can simply describe this place in two words, breathtakingly beautiful! Oh and beware of the monkeys. they tend to be very aggressive. If they see you wearing shades, they'll quickly SNATCH it from your face!! OH Em Gii!! I've seen it done!!!

Kecak & Fire Dance (balinese Cultural Show) - Rp 70,000/pax
And the man walks on FIRE!
The Kecak Dance is actually an adaptation of an ancient ritual ceremony called Sanghyang that washeld to purify a village during an epidemic. In this ceremony two young girls would go into a trance and communicate with the spirits in order to find the cause and cure the problem. It also incorporates some episodes of the ancient Hindu epic, Ramayana. (I only recognize the monkey king from this dance. haha!).

5. Tegalallang Rice Terrace

Entrance Ticket- Rp 5,000/pax
Beautiful rice terraces seen from above. Kids were there to sell postcards.
Need I say more? It's simply a ravishing place to rest your sore eyes and take numerous pictures! There are also some cafes and handcrafts shops along the road lest you want to buy some souvenirs. I actually bought postcards from a lovely Balinese girl just because she was so cute and talkative. Oh well, paid Rp50,000 for the postcards when in fact I can get it at a cheaper price at Tanah Lot. Woes is me!

6. Ubud

Puri Desa Lan, known for it's architectural structure and artsy crafts found in Ubud.
It is known as the cultural center of Bali and one can find artists' workshops and galleries throughout the place. There are also some remarkable architectural sites here as seen in the pictures above taken by yours truly. Too bad we didn't get to go the market place as it was closed due to Hari Raya Galungan dan Kuningan, a hindu festival. =)

7. Kintamani and Mount/Lake Batur 

Entrance Ticket - RP 7,500/pax
Locals love going here to just absorb the scenic view. =)
Bali still has a very much active volcano called the Batur Mountain. If the weather was nice enough, you could actually see larvae around the volcanic tops.

8. Tirta Empul - TampakSiring

Entrance Ticket - Rp 3,000 (if not mistaken)
Many locals were taking their bath here as it was Hari Raya for them.
This temple was said to be found in 926AD and ever since for a thousand of years, it has been a sacred bathing ground for Balinese for healing and spiritual merits. Fortunately for us, a mere coincidence that my friends and I were there during the Hindu festival and many Balinese were present to perform the sacred bath. Maybe next time I'll bath myself here when it's less crowded. Previous tourists who did so actually experienced a smoother and cleaner skin after doing so!

9. Tanah Lot

Entrance Ticket - Rp 10,000 
Pura Ranah Lot Temple: A Hindu ceremony was being held here as it was Hari Raya during our visit.
Once you enter the archway of an entrance from the parking lot, you'll come upon rows and rows of souvenir shops. I had to walk a little further down the walkway to reach the beach and by golly the view was mesmerizing! I basically held my breath when I saw the beach and the sea temple it grazes. This place is among the seven sea temples (as also said for Uluwatu) that form a chain along the south-western coast. Too bad I didn't get to visit the other 5 remaining sea temples. Sigh.

The sunset at Tanah Lot. =)

10. Krishna Souvenir Shop

Krishna, your favorite local gift shop.
"I love Bali" t-shirts are exceptionally CHEAP here! Those could only cost you around Rp 18,000 per piece! There are many items being sold here and some in bundles, so you could basically spend hours to no end just browsing what to buy. Make it your last stop (or first) to buy what you desire. =)

With that I end my introduction of Bali and the places I've personally visited from the 6th to 9th September 2012.. If you plan to do the same, you could follow the itinerary below. Just show it to your driver and he'll do the rest. =)

Day 1
1. Kuta Beach
2. Hard Rock Hotel & cafe
3. Krishna Souvenir Shop
4. Garuda Kencana Wisnu Cultural Park (GWK)
5. Uluwatu

Day 2
1. Tegalallang Rice Terrace
2. Kintamani and Mount Batur Volcano
3. TampakSiring
4. Tanah Lot

~ End of Post ~

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Geng Memuah (Republished)

I'm republishing this post to let my new readers know who and what Geng Memuah is. We are currently active communicating through twitter and most of their blogs are inactive.

Good were the old days aye?

(The post below was written on the 7th of September 2010)
And today on the 6th September 2012, we again meetup for a Memuah trip to Bali!!!

Pray that everything goes well for us.

 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ reminiscent of the good old days. Translation may be required. =) ~~

Hot chicks of the memuahh geng.. =)

*girl holding camera -

tak perlu hari-hari ada.
tak perlu hari-hari jumpa.
tak perlu hari-hari ingat.
tak perlu hari-hari dekat.

yang penting --
yang peduli. *Fynn Jamal

Kenal mereka dari blog yang seterusnya ku jumpa secara realiti. Had a blast today!

Mereka takkan selalu membaca atau mengomen blog aku.. bukan jenis blogger yang tahu atau kejar nuffnang, SEO, traffic, glemer...  (wakakaka..). but their presence are always felt. 

Can I keep you guys? 
Can I? 
Can I?

*hugs... (also to frodo *nnt ku bubuh link =p, yobsumo, huda luna, farid, hana, kak zyma, pia, boneka tak sakit., citahrudin.. ntah.. nama korang memang terpahat kat kepala aku sejak kes ZS tuh.. ehehe.. dan tersimpan kemas dalam hati.. forever)

oh ya... dan si adik ipar........ abe long. Kekadang teman layan sms... =)

Ok.. nak tidur. tata! *entri ditaip pada 1:50 pagi

Monday, September 3, 2012

Legoland Malaysia - A Preview

It was a joint media event between Singapore and Malaysia. Buses were provided from KL to Legoland (Johor) and likewise Singapore to Legoland. I believe there'll be an official bus route within these places. Yet to be confirmed. Bus transportation prices ranges from RM30 to RM40 per person and takes off from Puduraya, Kuala Lumpur. Thanks to Wilson of for this opportunity.

I became creative in choosing my company for this trip. All my usual ones were busy and so I asked another blogger who is still very "green" on things related to media previews/launch. Didn't really expect that he'd accept since he did have other plans on that day. Hehe. (ajak-ajak ayam sbb tahu dia ada hal lain, tahu2 dia kata boleh "untangle himself". Alamak! So proceed je la. =p)

I reached Ancasa Hotel at around 7am, Saturday morning and was delighted to chance upon Mohd Zaid and his merry group of family members. Among them were his mom which I shared a room during a previous media trip, his sister holding her daughter and finally Uzair, my first time meeting him! Being naturally pessimistic on people I hardly know, I considered my invitee might eventually a no-show. Well, he came. =)

The Bus

The experience was horrifying to say the least. We took off at 7:15 am and arrived at Legoland Malaysia at 12:00 pm, inclusive of minor wrong turns and unfamiliarization of the route. At least I get to know a woman sitting behind me and we exchanged casual introductions. I was also thrilled to know that she wanted to tag along with me. The more the merrier, I'd always say.

Legoland tickets were passed to us once we came down the bus. Funny though, that they didn't check our ICs for identifications as noted in their invitation emails. LOL. (pic credit to
Legoland Price Tickets
  • RM140.00 - adults aged 12 - 59 yrs old
  • RM110.00 - children aged 3 -11 yrs old / adults above 60
  • Annual Pass - RM275.00 ( adult) / RM210.00 (children)
I asked my blogger friend on his first expression, he exclaimed "teruk". Hehe. Wonder what's his opinion now after going through the attractions inside? Btw, my new friend whom I met from the bus is named Fazlina Bee from AirAsia Inflight Magazine.

Ms Fazlina Bee. Thank you so much for accompanying me throughout the Legoland Trip. =)
Legoland Attractions

I must say that most of the rides were non-suitable for adults like me. Hehe. Some of the attractions were closed for maintenance purposes and games that involves winning prizes were open but no prize. Hehe. Am still wondering what prizes were up for grabs.

1. Lego Kingdom - The Dragon (Roller-coaster ride) and Castle Stage. (to name a few that we visited)

Clock-wise from upper left: Dragons made from lego in front of the castle, the Castle Stage courtyard, the dragon roller coaster and boarding the roller-coaster before take-off. 
2. Lego Technic - Project - X (another roller-coaster ride)

Haven't tried it but enjoyed watching the people scream when they rode on it. Hehe.
3. Miniland (my ultimate favorite!)

It's like a huge lego city with many known buildings from around the world. There's even an actual mini Singapore town which will definitely appeal to the Singapore tourists. 

Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya, LEGO-ed up in this mini-land exhibition. (KLCC, Prime Minister building, masjid putrajaya and KL Monorel) 
While snapping away, some-one called out my name. I turned and saw a group of people and a girl was trying to hide herself from me but to no avail. Haha. I noticed her right away, mind you. You can't hide from me. =p

Ms Ruby from Pic credit to her. =)
Moving on, I visited a place called Riverside Point of Singapore. Will actually be going there, next two weeks.
Little Singapore. In great detail! 
And other well-know tourist spots around the world are pictured below.
I wonder if you guys can guess the places being shown above. Too bad, information boards  naming the places were lacking in this miniland. Sigh.
There are three more areas that we went but I'm not gonna post about them. The unmentioned areas are "Imagination", "Land of Adventure" and "Lego City". It was interesting to see that throughout the theme park you could see life-size characters in various positions. Lest it be sitting, or going out from the mall, carrying a toilet bowl out from the toilets and many more! I guess the notable one is the huge head of Einstein himself!

A photographer who takes pictures using grids in front of the Einstein huge LEGO-ed head. =)
Food and Beverages, Surau, Toilets
Good to know that these are easy to find throughout the whole park. There are currently 7 cafes and restaurants to taste your buds which includes the following:
  • The Cafe (freshly baked European pasties, buns and breads)
  • Robot Kitchen (Asian food)
  • Knight's Feast (Western food and ice-cream)
  • Pizza Mania (we ate here!)
  • Jungle Cafe (Grilled burgers and hot dogs)
  • Snack Bar(ice-creams, pastries, etc)
  • Market Restaurant (Western and Asian cuisine)
Price-wise - a tad too expensive for my liking. Hee.  And the surau I went to didn't provide telekung and sejadah. But since it's not officially open to the public, hope these things are provided for before then. =)

Overall, I enjoyed my time spent there and might revisit in..errr... 2014 when the theme park is fully operational with the hotel and waterpark. =p

And another comprehensive review is from which could be read here.

PS: My pictures are being featured here, do check it out. -->