Friday, November 7, 2008

Kursus 2 Hari di Holiday Inn, Glenmarie

It’s a crash course on Audio and Loudness for broadcasters mainly from TV3, Astro, RTM and some local radio stations. There were 24 participants where 22 of them are males and the other two are females. Hehehe… (So.. I’m working in a male dominant world… got a problem with that?) =p

Did you know that 75% of TV viewers’ complaints worldwide are on the audio quality of the shows/commercials?

You could lose a lot of viewers by simply having audio problems… and ratings will drop like hell! That would be devastating especially to private TV stations.. (gomen takpe… still got tax-payers ma.. errr….yeah right! Seb baik ade pekerja mcm aku kan? Yang rajin lagi prihatin nih! )

The course was organized by Salzbrenner Stagetic Media Academy and conducted by Mr Paul Moerman, a Sound Engineer (..also a national broadcaster) from Belgium. We learnt a lot from this course but I wouldn’t want to bore you guys with the technical details.. =p
So now I’m a ‘sound’ expert!!!

(harap2 boss aku baca entry nih…hahahhahaha)Some shots of the course venue… The bottom, left picture shows Mr. Paul…
We had three break times. Tea break in the morning, lunch and then tea break in the morning…

Perrgghh!!! I felt I was in food heaven when I first stepped into the dining hall… Kenyang..kenyang….

I got to eat with the Astro guys on the second day. Chewah… diorg siap bagi tips nih!! Org veteran yg penuh dgn ilmu… (They also include tips extracting important details from a prospective life partner….. errrr…..)

These three guys are from Astro, while the woman (Kak Tini) is from RTM. We were the only two lucky women to be there.. hehehe

This is my seating in the room..
These two guys (which later became good members of mine..) are Farhan (Encik Poyo) and Fauzi (Encik Mata Kuyu).

More pictures of us.. (hahaha.. menarik plak mata Encik Mata Kuyu nih… ) ;p
When there was a time of sleepiness during the course (errr… aku sentiasa segar jek.. En poyo tu yg asyik mengantuk!!! Huhuhuh.. rupenyer dier tak brape fhm bhs inggeris.. hampehss..) En Poyo and me turned to the ‘writing method’ of communication. Sigh…

Mcm2 kami bincangkan… hahaha… klakar plak! Patut la aku bg dier namer En poyo. (Siap bincang cara2 menguruskan badan plak tu…..ade ker patut dier kate perut dier buncit… huhuhuhuh..)

Lastly.. this is my favorite picture which I’ll call ‘picture of the day’.
Ada ker patut gmbr nih ade kat tandas di Holiday Inn yg bertaraf lima bintang ini??? LoL

Ok.. sekian saje utk entri aku kali ini…

Hehe… join kursus memang BEST!!!

PS- Try guessing the ages of Encik Poyo and Encik Mata Kuyu….

PSS- Gosh!! I miss blogging!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Rezeki Tinggal di Hotel


(Lobby of the Mystery Hotel..)

Heap! Heap Hurray!!

My friend flown from Sabah just this afternoon has invited me to share the hotel room she is staying for three consecutive nights!!! Breakfast included!!! (kalau bab2 makanan aku mmg laju...tak yah la korang ungkit... haha)

It starts tonight.. so right now, I'm in a hotel bedroom with my laptop on my chest doing this entry (yeah... ku malas nak bangun.. pasnih nak tidur.. spec mata pong aku dah buang kat tepi...)

Which hotel??? It's confidential because there might be stalkers among you. LoL

So here's some pictures.. if you know where this is... I'll might give you a lucky souvenir for guessing it right..Katil ku kat tepi kiri tuh..yg ade beg laptop warna biru...Nyaman!!!
Mandi pong Nyaman!!! hehe..