Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Entri blogku yang paling ramai pelawat - 12900++

Ade je orang atau anon yang dok komen dan gaduh kat entri neh... walaupun dah lama aku publish iaitu pada tahun 2010, tapi ade je komen baru. Apalah yang diorg tak puas hati tu ek? =p

To date... ada 69 komen. Nak tahu entri mana? Klik sini.

Tapi sebenarnya ada entri lain yang lebih dashyat dari tu.. tapi aku dah delete kot sebab menimbulkan kontroversi suatu ketika dahulu. Lalala..

Korang ada tak entri yang masih dikunjungi walaupun dah lama publish? Harap boleh share link kat sini.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Grand Launch of Kawasaki GT World and Givi Centre

I was invited by Bro Framestone to attend this launch last Sunday with the details below.

Date: Sunday, 18 March 2012
Venue: 19, Jalan PJS7/17. Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. 

Getting there? - The place is highlighted as "A" below. ^^
The link is here.
Getting there was a struggle though... huhu...
-- head towards Sunway Piramid
-- head towards PJS 7, and search for PJS 7/17
The signboard is hidden behind some leaves. LOL
And the showroom is located in between clusters of factories that were two storeys high. Thankfully, the building is green so it was hard to miss!

And we're finally here! Phew~!
I have a friend from my office who owns one of those powerful motorcycles from Kawasaki, yet I never dreamed that I'll get a chance to witness the launching of a new showroom for Kawasaki's bikes, let alone one of it's latest power-bike! But before I proceed with the event, I just want to share Kawasaki's history first. Mind-blowing ~

I read from here that Kawasaki emerged out of the ashes of the second World War to become one of the big players from Japan. Their motorcycles have been in production since 1954 and their first motorcycle engine was designed based on technical know-how garnered from the development and production of aircraft engines. Thus, in the late ’60s and early ’70s, Kawasaki built quite a reputation for being the most powerful engines on two wheels, producing legendary sportbikes like the Ninja series and a line of championship-winning off-road bikes. And wow... that's some history spawning about 60 years! 

And now, these motorcycles are sold and serviced by SC Premium Bikes Sdn Bhd right here in Bandar Sunway, Malaysia. SC Premium Bikes is considered as a GENUINE one-stop bike center and also the first Dyno Tuning Centre in Malaysia to be incorporated into their Kawasaki GT World Premium Superbike Showroom and GIVI Center. It also houses a service center behind.

For this event, we had speeches from the lead players in this industry. One was from Mr Chua Chern Kwang as the founder of SC Premium Bikes.

Mr Chua Chern Kwang being passionate about this launch.
He's been to many countries, crossing many borders on his Kawasaki superbike and his adventures can be read on some media blogs online.

And after the speeches, they officiated the opening of the showroom behind them.

From left: Mr Jeffrey Lim (General Manager of Kawasaki Motors Malaysia),
Mr Chua, Ms Anna Lim Siew Yan (SC premium Bikes),
Mr Oh Hai Swee (Managing Director of Givi Asia Sdn Bhd) and
Joseph Perucca (Overseas Operation Manager Givi Asia Sdn Bhd)
Once officiated, we moved inside for the plaque signing ceremony. Pictured below is a plaque signed by Mr Jeffrey Lim who in return received an appreciation plaque from SC.

Finally open to public, people!
The event continued with the "handing over" ceremony of the latest W800 Special Edition Kawasaki series to Mr Terry Tan.

Lucky owner of W800! 
The W800 superbike has a traditional look of olden day superbikes but travels at lightning speed. Boy... I wonder when will I ever get to drive one of those bikes!! *dreams on.

There were ongoing activities after that such as a lucky draw giving away 18 prizes (which I was unfortunate, hehe), a delicious lunch and the selling of a superbike with a great discount from the original price.

RM32,888!!! Price valid on that day only!
Well, with only a thin wallet and also an equally "slim" bank account, I only dared to venture into the showroom located upstairs. And look at what I found!

Hello darling! Getting stiff there eh? Hehe.
There were many merchandise on sell there and many for practical reasons such as the slick looking gloves below by Givi.

It's reasonably priced at RM194.00 a pair. =)
Guess if I ever do own a superbike (like maybe never, LOL. No harm dreaming, right?) this place is certainly the PERFECT place to buy all the needed stuff as a biker. hehe. I'll sure pass this recommendation to my fellow Kawasaki bikers.

As the event spiraled to an end, we bloggers took a memorable picture with Mr Jeffrey Lim, the GM of Kawasaki Motors Malaysia.

Thumbs up to SC Premium Bikes Sdn Bhd! Support them! Support us!
At least since I couldn't afford a Kawasaki motorbike... having a picture with the General Manager of Kawasaki Motors is still rewarding enough. Tell me, does any owner of a Kawasaki Motor ever had this golden opportunity? =p

I'll forever drool. Not for the girl, but the bike okeh?? 
Overall, I'd like to thanks Bro framestone for this opportunity and all the people who made this event successful. Cheers!

"You Ride. We Care." SC Premium Bikes Sdn Bhd.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hadiah dari Germany dan Sahabat dari Thailand

Aku sedang mengikuti ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium kat Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur. Simposium berjaya mengumpulkan ratusan penyiar dari serata dunia untuk berhimpun di sini bagi membincangkan isu-isu semasa perihal penyiaran. =)

Dalam pada itu, ada kuiz dan cabutan bertuah. Syaratnya mudah je... jawab kuiz dan kertas jawapan kuiz itu akan dijadikan cabutan bertuah sekiranya jawapan betul. Tak sangka aku berjaya dan hadiahnya seperti di bawah.

Teddy bear dari Germany.
Yang seronoknya, tekan je teddy bear ini, mereka akan nyanyi! HAHAHAH!!! Comel siotttt.. apa kaitan ntah dengan penyiaran. Tapi apabila dibelek-belek, teddy bear ini merupakan cenderahati daripada Kathrien, pengeluar peralatan penyiaran utama di dunia yang berasal dari Germany. Patut ler. =)

Oh ya... aku dapat jaket gak berwarna merah... =p

Selain itu.... tak sangka pula bertemu dengan kawan lama dari Thailand dalam Simposium itu...

Aku kena maintain macho.. eh... Boss aku ada kat belakang tu! (fail pink) Haha.
Kawan aku seorang neh (cuba teka!)... selalu je ingatkan aku untuk melawat Bangkok supaya dia boleh jadi tour guide percuma. Hehehe.. insyaAllah tahun ini kot... tengok pada bajet la.

Kerjaya aku sebenarnya menarik tapi rasanya tak sesuai nak tayang ceritanya kat sini. Cukuplah cerita-cerita event blogger je dan perkara umum. Apapun... syukur aku dikelilingi orang yang baik-baik belaka. =)


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Royal Belum World Drum Festival 2012 @ Grik Airstrip

Gerik or Grik Airstrip is planned to be extended from present length of 450m to 800m to allow the landing of Fokker Aircrafts. (source That's good news! From my past experience, it took a long bus ride from Ipoh to Grik and an aircraft would be much more convenient! The Royal Belum Rainforest is definitely a nature's treasure.

Continuing on my media trip to Perak, it was the last performance for  Royal Belum World Drum Festival 2012. The same 10 groups performance of drummers and percussionists were performing that night and Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah Ibni Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah, Raja Muda Perak Darul Ridzwan was the VVIP.

This time, the media had their own seats and we were properly seated throughout the whole show. =)

Announcing the VVIP's arrival.

The opening performance.
The VVIPs for the night snugly settled in.
Full house babeh!
Since the performances were the same as the previous ones, my friends and I decided to explore the small stalls just outside the perimeter of the big tent where the drum shows are held.

I bought myself a burger and new sunglasses!

The guy gave us RM2 off per glasses because we wore the Media passes. LOL.
When we finally headed to our places under the tent, the show was about to end. VVIP got up and went on stage to be pictured with the fellow performers.

"Thumbs up for the superb performance!"
As soon as his highness took off, we also went our way but not without some foolishness.

Looking cute with the PINK ribbon bro! Haha.
As we headed out, I was shocked and a bit embarrassed to see the littering done at the airstrip. Where are your civic awareness Malaysians?

A very sad view.

We reached our hotel at around 2 in the morning and checked out at around 12pm the next day. Reached Kuala Lumpur around 5pm and said our farewells. Again thankyou for the sponsors for the great trip and hope we meet again.


Friday, March 2, 2012

Exploring Belum Rainforest Resort @ Pulau Banding, Perak

Ahhh... been doing the past posts on my recent visit to Perak in BM. But when it comes to Belum Rainforest Resort, I felt I could be more expressive on my time spent there in English. =p

After a night long listening to the ten international groups of the Royal Belum World Drums Festival, we all got up and not so early to gear up for a brief Island Nature retreat at Belum Rainforest Resort.

Pic credit to

This resort is located on scenic Pulau Banding (pic above), surrounded by the majestic Temengor Lake. Situated at Belum-Temengor Rainforest, it has about 3,000 species of flora and a variety of fauna including 14 of the world’s most threatened mammals.

Entrance to Hornbill Restaurant.
When our bus touchdowned at the resort, we walked our way up to Hornbill Restaurant where we'd be taking our lunch. Just at the entrance we were greeted with a wet towel and cold drinks.

Hai miss! Your smile is infectious!
The restaurant on the other hand had a rustic feeling to it. Charmingly simple. =)

Let's dine babeh!
And the food was simply delicious.

Kek batik pun ada!
I couldn't help being slightly annoyed by noises made by a certain insect that were found near the sides. Riang-riang is what they are called but I soon got used to their sounds.

Krokkk... krokkk.. *OK fine. I failed to mimic their actual sounds. LOL.
After lunch my media friends and I were treated with a guided trek into the forest to spot some Rafflesia (which unfortunately didn't) and possibly some wild-life. We were also treated with an awesome island cruise! Or is it speed boat cruise?
We're not bloggers without cameras. =p
We were brought to various spots around the island and among them are captured in pictures below.

Over the bridge and into the forest we go!

What's that in the water?

Ms Zara Aluwi doing her best to keep up! Kudos to her young spirit within!
Nothing can stop her!

Beautiful wild-life. Sorry.. no sightings of lions or tigers. Sigh.

What are they looking at?

Ikan Kelah!!!
After climbing over tree limbs, rocks and muddy areas, I could proudly say that it was one AWESOME adventure!

Pic credit to
We didn't take a lot of group pictures and I believe this is the only picture of us altogether. =)

Thanks to Kilatan Unggul EZ Events Sdn Bhd for organizing such an amazing trip. More great excursions packages can be read here. We definitely enjoyed this one and would definitely come back for more.

We ended our trip with light refreshments before heading to Gerik Airport to attend the last concert of Royal Belum World Drums Festival 2012. Till my next post... tata!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Royal Belum World Drum Festival 2012 @ MBI City Square

Ada lima siri pertunjukan untuk Festival Drum ini dan aku menghadiri hanya dua daripadanya. Perkara yang membezakan antara mini show dengan Gala Night adalah dari segi para jemputannya dan lokasi. Gala Night  dihadiri oleh VVIP yakni Menteri Besar Perak atau/dan Raja Muda Perak manakala show yang lain tiada VVIP.

Jadual Program Royal Belum World Drum Festival 2012: 
 - Pocket Show (Mini Show)-
21 Feb 2012 : Taiping Sentral Mall – 8pm
22 Feb 2012 : Dataran Putra, Lumut – 8.45pm
23 Feb 2012 : Laman Budaya, Kuala Kangsar – 4pm

 - Gala Night - 
25 Feb 2012 : MBI City Square – 8.45pm
26 Feb 2012 : Gerik Airstrip (Lapangan Terbang Gerik) – 8.45pm

Kemasukan adalah percuma. Pertunjukan di kedua-dua lokasi terakhir lebih kurang sama je. So jom layan gambar dari MBI City Square.

Pentas dipersiapkan untuk menyambut kedatangan Menteri Besar

Pertunjukan dimulakan dengan tarian tradisional dari Jabatan Kebudayaan dan Kesenian Negara (JKNN)

Para penari menggunakan pentas dengan sepenuhnya...

....dan rakan media lain akan berada tak jauh dari mereka. Haha.

Aksi menarik dari India. Kumpulan "Malwa Sabhyacharak Club".

Pemain drum yang comel-loteh dari Thailand. Kumpulan "Absolutely Thailand"

Performer dari Vietnam (Kumpulan Bonita) berjaya menyebabkan darah penonton lelaki berderau... 

....dan dicemburui wanita lain. Haha.
Ada beberapa masalah teknikal yang berlaku semasa pertunjukan ini. Antaranya :
- tempat duduk media tidak disediakan maka terpaksa duduk bersila kat depan pentas je. hehe. Mungkin sebab datang lewat kot jadi seat kami diambil orang awam. 
- cuaca yang kurang elok telah menyebabkan dua skrin besar di hadapan tidak dapat dinaikkan maka orang ramai tidak dapat menonton dari jauh.

Walaupun begitu... aku enjoy jeeee!!! Haha.