Friday, April 19, 2019

The End of Singleton

For now, the end of singleton to me means I am unofficially off the market . Haha. It becomes official only when there's a wedding band on my finger. But currently am gonna commit to making this relationship work. No matter how high the odds are against us.

I love you, I love you not.

You can say that for years now, I've been avoiding many guys who shows even a little interest in me. Especially those who keep dropping subtle hints of getting me to be their girlfriend or worse, wife.

I recall this guy from my office who kept asking me to go out and watch movies with him. And every-time he does that, I'd politely refuse while giving some lame but acceptable excuse. Months later, the girl who finally did accompany him to the movies later became his wife. Haha.

Then there was this other guy who I met during a compulsory course (to gain confirmation on my government post) who was actively looking for a wife and hinted at getting a wife from Sabah. I got spooked because I was the only Sabahan at the course. I hurriedly introduced him to another girl from the office and they got married months later. Nice move, right?

There are many other instances that have put me in awkward situations. Not gonna mention the married guys who shamelessly asked me to be their second wives. Which is definitely a big NO-NO. And nearing 40 years old (OK am not that old, but not keen to reveal my age online anyhow), I almost gave up in finding myself a soul mate and felt contented with my #foreveralone and #loner status... until just recently.

Who is he?

The one I will never reveal his face... or who he is.

The one who among the guys I've avoided in the past for giving subtle hints.

He came back again, unexpected, unplanned, during the time my heart was wide open...... with a second attempt in getting me to accept him. This time I wavered and eventually accepted him.

So it is true when people say, what's meant to be yours will come back to you. The truth is, when the timing's right, what’s meant to be ours will come - the people, the opportunities, the jobs, the hope. When Allah knows the right time that we're are prepared to accept and use His blessings, things will come in place.  So don't fight it, don't rush it and don't get stressed over it. Just simply let go, to make room, to trust, in order to enable what's ours to find us. :)

I am not sure if this one person is truly my soulmate. What I know now is that I am willing to commit and work for it. I hardly know him... but love can always come later. Haha.

Hope to blog more... adiosssssssss..