Monday, June 29, 2015

List of Airlines That I've Experienced

I have this little addiction in trying different kind of airlines every-time I travel. Thus the reason why I love putting as much countries as possible in one short time-frame so that I can fly more often. Hehehe. Each of the airlines I've tried and airports I've been through gave me some unforgettable memories. From the check-in time possible 5 minutes before boarding (NOK Air of Thailand), the full body scan by entering a large scanning machine (Domodedevo Aiport in Moscow, Russia), lotion and soap sniffing customs officer (Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Airport of Palembang, Sumatera), five-star experience of Turkish Airlines... yeahh... and so many more! It just makes me love flying even more!
View from Egypt Air from Jordan to Cairo. 

So here's a list of Airlines I've personally flew with. Will update this page from time to time when I fly with other airlines or remembered some that I did but forgot to mention. :)

  1. Malaysian Airlines
  2. AirAsia
  3. Malindo Air
  4. INDIGO Airlines (India)
  5. Lion Air (Indonesia)
  6. Korean Air
  7. Jeju Air (Korea)
  8. EastarJet (Korea)
  9. Jetstar (Australia)
  10. Vietnam Airlines
  11. Norwegian Air
  12. WOW air (Iceland)
  13. EasyJet (UK)
  14. LOT Air (Poland)
  15. NOK Air (Thailand)
  16. Qatar Airlines
  17. Pegasus Airlines (Turkey)
  18. Aegean Airlines (Greece)
  19. Egypt Air
  20. Turkish Airlines
  21. British Airways
  22. Iberia (Spain)
How about you guys? Do you remember which airlines you've flown with? And which ones were your favorite ones? I have to say... Turkish Airlines were the best for me in terms of flight experience and FOOD! Haha.

Oh well... happy traveling peeps! See you in a next post (I hope). :P