Wednesday, June 13, 2012

#soMalaysian - Football and Mamak Stalls

One thing I learnt about Papua New Guinea is...

.... they don't have McDonald's there. And so far, I've noticed that the delegates are very keen to dine at fast-food restaurants around KL especially McDonald's. It was time that we brought them to somewhere different.

A place that is set up especially to fit Malaysian culture.

A place where they get to eat almost anything that they can think of - roti canai, nasi lemak, tandoori chicken, western food, fried rice, basically ANYTHING! (Pizza? Maybe not. LOL)

And so they were brought to the #soMalaysian Mamak Stall somewhere at Sunway.

Discussing the menus.
Too bad that the menus were in Bahasa. It took a while to place orders because we had to translate the menu to English for them. Alas, they ended up ordering western food. AGAIN! LOL.

Mamak stalls in Malaysia are well-known as a hangout place to watch LIVE football with friends and mostly owned by Indian Muslims. Due to that convenience and also staying open from morning (to... ermm... next morning?) it eventually becomes the only place to hangout for LIVE football in the wee mornings of 2 or 4 am. 

The thing is... these guys from Papua New Guinea prefers Rugby.

Rugby what?


If you happen to visit Kuala Lumpur, you should notice that mamak stalls or restaurants are found at every corner! The menus and interior are basically similar and I don't have a particular favorite. Be sure to try one and you'll know why we Malaysians always revisit.


Unknown said... [Reply]

mamak best!!!

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@Ahmad Fauzi Aryaan (A.F.A) haha. glad to know ada org suka makan kat kedai mamak.