Friday, September 21, 2012

Genting Highlands with the Jakarta lads.

Helga said to meetup at Pudu Sentral at 7 am. I was a morning person and was actually there on time. Lulz. But unfortunately Helga and Singgih woke up late and were hitting the showers when I messaged them of my arrival.

And so I waited and killed my time by exploring Pudu Sentral. Twas my second time here. The last time was to buy a bus ticket to Hatyai. This time around was to buy a ticket to Genting Highlands. =)

Pudu Sentral has 4 floors accessible by escalators and stairs. I haven't notice any lifts though. The ground floor is where the buses are and each loading bay are labeled numerically from number 1. Your bus ticket will tell you which bay to load. Second floor is the waiting area before you go down to the buses. They got sliding glass doors in which you have to press a button to open it. You can find various small shops and money changers here. Sadly, they open quite late in the morning. (I was hungry!! Thankfully Helga bought me nasi lemak. =p) On the third floor you'll find the ticketing counters of various bus operators. The biggest would be Transnasional. And on the fourth floor is a hotel.

Helga and Singgih arrived around 8:30 am and bus tickets to Genting were sold out by then. We had to buy the 10 am ones. The earliest was 7:30 am. Hee. We tried to get on the earlier buses if by chance there were free seats but failed. 10 am it is and to the massage chairs our time were spent!

Genting Highlands Package Ticket Price - RM58.00
Package includes - Bus from Pudu Sentral to Skyway (return), Cable Car (return), Outdoor Theme Park or Lunch Buffet

The view from the cable car into Genting Highlands. Pictures credit to Singgih.
We reached Genting Skyway around 11 am which was earlier than expected and reached the top within 20 minutes! The weather seemed promisingly a beautiful sunny day. What I disliked the most was the lack of informational signage showing the correct way to the theme park. I had to ask three different people to show me the way. Pffft! Genting Highlands authorities.. do take note. =)
Once inside the park, we checked the maps to plan our rides. Time was running out!
We got confused with the directions. I for one wasn't handy with maps. I tend to wander aimlessly until I find the place. And that's what we did. Haha!
The various attractions within the outdoor theme park. 
The sunny day suddenly transformed into a rainy and foggy day. Some of the roller coaster rides were closed and we made due with the rides that were open. Kiddy rides, mostly. Sigh. Thus, we managed to try four rides only. =(
"ALL ABOARD!" Have you tried the London bus there? It gives you the feeling that you're overseas! haha! 
And I guess the most memorable moment there was watching a group of k-pop dressed people recording a Gangnam Style video on the Pirate Ship thrill ride. Helga and I were among the lucky ones who were on the same ride and happen to witnessed their recordings.

Let's do Oppa Gangnam KL Style!!! 
It was plain crazy, there were people with cameras both behind and in front of us. And the whole group in front were doing the Gangnam moves. (Tak jadi tutup mata sebab nak tengok gelagat mereka, haha) They were lucky that the cameras didn't fall off the sides. That would've been nasty and costly. =)

Our fun was cut short when it suddenly began to rain heavily and we had to run in it to find shelter. Dripping wet, we eventually headed to a mushollah and did our dzuhur prayers. The whole theme park was engulfed by a thick mist and the pitter patter of rainfalls. And thus ends our Genting trip. 

Can you see the pelts of the rain falling in this picture? hehe.
We headed down the highlands at about 3pm and reached Kuala Lumpur by 6 pm. Did a little shopping and were back home around 10 pm. For that piece of adventure, you readers will have to wait for the blog postings of Helga and Singgih.

Be duly reminded that all pictures in this Genting blogpost were taken by either Helga or Singgih and edited by me. Hehe. Till next post, good bye!


thatsofarah said... [Reply]

Reading your blog on Genting makes me want to go there, real soon!

I've never been.

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@thatsofarah... whattt??? you never been to Genting highlands? hehe. it's a bit touristy perhaps. but I think many of my friends haven't been here either. =)

Alid Abdul said... [Reply]

I've been in Genting twice, 1st one is MSS moment but I can't use the free ticket since we all tired and really short time.
2nd in 2011, I bought golden ticket to Genting and my badluck when I was there is public holiday, so I only ride 2 ride. T____T lotsa peopleeee and it goes rain hahahaha...

kurang puas lah saya jalan2 di Genting :(

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@alid... golden ticket? does it include the casino? hehehe...

we went there on a public holiday too. Malaysian day which drops on the 16th of every September. It dropped on a Sunday and so the holiday forwarded to Monday.

So monday to genting we went! haha. I dont remember how many times I went, but this time was special becoz got to meet oppa gangnam =p *gedik

helgaindra said... [Reply]

muahaha oppa KL style
seronok kali di wahan bertemu kumpulan gangnam style itu.

Sayang banget cuma 4 wahana yang bisa kita coba pas disana.

But thank you kak Zarah sudah mahu menunggu kami yang terlambat -.-"
next time kalo kesana bakal berangkat lebih pagi lagi.

Main ke kasino yuk!

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@helga... ke kasino?? oh nooooo!!! duit enggak ada dong! hahaha!!

tidak apa. sudah lambat memang sudah ditakdirkan begitu. Namun tetap seronok bukan? =)

kita bertemu di Jakarta pula ya. InsyaAllah. kapan? gak tahu lagi. hehehe

Happy walker said... [Reply]

wow. so nice~ =)

helgaindra said... [Reply]

@Jard The Great

bulan 12 ke jakarta! :p

Ramble and Wander said... [Reply]

Phew! Thanks, Farah! I thought I'm the only one who's never been there, haha!

But RM58 is not bad. Perhaps I should try it the next time I'm in town.

cheryna zamrinor said... [Reply]

I did not notice the word Piccadilly before. Hmmm...I think I need to go there again.

Yes, I have to.
This post made me feel like going already.

Anonymous said... [Reply]
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