Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The handsome brothers of Hawa Mahal at Jaipur, Rajasthan India

When I think of Hawa Mahal.. I'd remember.. oh my god, I never entered it! All I remembered fondly was the jewelry shop right across it, owned by a clan of 7 brothers (and I met four of them. hehe)

Hussey (my couchsurfing host) was on his way to work in Jaipur and offered to drop me off at Hawa Mahal. There were various sight seeing attractions from that point on-wards but I was fixated on something. I was looking to top-up credit for my Indian number. Haha!

So after Hussey dropped me off, I went searching. Several shop keepers tried to lure me into their shops but I paid no heed. Suddenly a guy appeared and asked what I was searching for. I told him I wanted to top up my handphone. He gallantly showed me the way by saying, "Come, follow. I'll show you." He didn't just show me the shop, but he talked to the shopkeeper on my behalf and made sure the deal went through. I didn't remember my number and so he had me calling his number so that we know my number. LOL.

In a way... I have his number without asking for it. =P

It takes some time before the money is credited into my hand-phone so he invited me into his shop to wait together. (aw! aw!)

Sipping hot "chai" across Hawa Mahal. 
I was hesitant at first when I entered his shop. It was a small jewelry shop with only one door. Windows were covered and if anything happened, nobody would know of it. I got scared and so the first question that popped out of my mouth as he served me tea was...

"Did you put drug in this tea?" 

The guy was shocked with my question and rolled his eyes. He replied coolly, "I'm not that kind of guy" hahahahaha! *aku terasa bengong!

And so we sipped some tea and talked pleasantly. The stupid question was soon forgotten. hehe. =P

Javed Khan (left) with his younger brother Tanveer Khan.
I ended up going to that shop twice that day. The first one as narrated above and the second time was after I ventured to Jantar Mantar and the City Palace alone to wait for Hussey to pick me up.

On my second time around, they gave me Beriyani Rice with chicken. Hehe. It was nice to have a place to wait in before heading back to my host's house. 
I was shocked to see that the rice was directly wrapped with a newspaper page!
Sadly, I didn't finish my meal. Heee. *malu

Javed and Tanveer were friendly, talkative guys and have never promoted any of their stones to me. We shared a lot on our differences in culture and aspirations. It was an evening well spent in their cozy shop. Thank you guys for your kindness. I'll forever remember it. =)

Minutes before Hussey showed up, we took this picture. haha! 
So peeps, if you are in Jaipur and around the Hawa Mahal, do drop by their shop and say HELLO!!!


Happy walker said... [Reply]

good loh can keep travel~

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@mr lonely.. laju kamu komen! hahahaha!! hope u keep traveling too =)

Wilson Ng said... [Reply]

Well, it is not just rumours but indeed India is a beauty. The buildings and the architectures are simply majestic!


Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@wilson... hehehe.. India is awesome!! am going there for a second time this year! =)

Alid Abdul said... [Reply]

Should I say hello to them hahaha. Hawa Mahal is on my list :)))

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@alid abdul.. pls do! they are very friendly people.. well most of them are. =)

Cindy Vaz said... [Reply]

Loved India! :))
Every single thing about it - from food, to cultures, to sights, to people.

Would like to go back - soon-ish :)

macyhumaira said... [Reply]

bestnya travel..

hlga said... [Reply]

oh jadi ini pacar baru kakak? *ehh

hawa mahal itu gedung yag di foto itu ke?
cantiknya gedung itu kak

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@cindy... love it too =)

@macy... mmg best. hehehe

@hlga... bukannnnnn! gue gak pernah ada pacar! hahaha.. iya.. gedung yg di foto itulah dia. emang cantik. =)