Friday, September 6, 2013

Mentioned on The Times of India, Bangalore

Haha! Never saw this coming! I was contacted via email by a reporter stating she was from The Times of India, Bangalore and wanted to ask me a few questions regarding an online service I used during my visit to India last May.

Later I was forwarded an email from Ish of Padhaaro itself saying that my picture is being featured in the newspaper. I believe they took it from my blog as I didn't had the time to send them any high-res pictures yet. Sorry bout that. :)

So here's the article. printed on Tuesday, August 27, 2013. This may be the only published article that has me on it! Haha! (A shot of temporary fame!)

Sorry that my friend Alid was mentioned as a Malaysian instead of Indonesian. Hee.. they left that fact out.
And hell yeahh... I've got so many pending blogposts to be done!! Pray I update more in the future! Sorry for the lack of updates but you can follow my Instagram to see my current activities. I update it LIVE during my travels. :)

Until my next blogpost, happy traveling tweeps!


Alid Abdul said... [Reply]

Yeahhh not bad my face on the times of India hahaha... I look handsome too :p

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ alid abdul.. I think the picture is perfect with me and gaurav only. they should've edited it and cut you out from the picture. hahahaha

syieda said... [Reply]

Syabas bette..heheheh...terus masuk international newspaper. .congratulation!

ruggedmom said... [Reply]


Unknown said... [Reply]

Ni nak tembus Bollywood ke?

Faisal Admar said... [Reply]

wah dah jadi artis ni hehehe!!!

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ syieda... hahaha. ala.. setakat ini je takdelah jadi famous pon. =P

@ ruggedmom.. hye kak! bila mau jejalan sesama lagi? hehe

@ ivan chan.. u just made me laugh like crazy with your comment. hahahaha. bongoksss!! hahahaha

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ faisal admar.. tunggulah filem sulung gua di bollywood. hahahaha

Hulubalang said... [Reply]

perghhh...dah jadi artis bollywood hehehe...

thatsofarah said... [Reply]

Artis bollywood! Bangga kawan dengan kau!

Henry Lee said... [Reply]

wow jard u so famous now! I didnt know i have a famous friend! :P

Julia Mahir said... [Reply]

Woahhhh!!! Super duper nice!
Congrats Jade!

Julia Mahir said... [Reply]

Woahhhh!!! Super duper nice!
Congrats Jade!

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ hulubalang... hahaha. I wish~

@ thatsofarah... yeahhh rite!! hahahaha

@ henry lee... ciss! sindir ya! hahaha

@ julia.. wahhh excitednya sampai komen dua kali! =P