Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Searching for Santa in Paris 2013

I think many of my friends on twitter already know my initial intention for going to Europe a few weeks ago. It was none other then to search for Santa so that I sit on his lap and make absurd wishes and experience snow! Snow, an impossible rarity in my part of the world. :P

I started my search the first thing I did in Paris. After setting my sights on Seine River and crossing over numerous bridges...

The Seine River that divides Paris into left and right banks.
.. and getting lost with funny signs to amuse me...

To cross the street or not, that is my question. Haha. 
... and gawked at naked statues in public parks...

OMG! And this is displayed in a PUBLIC area!! *snaps pictures to display in my PUBLIC blog*
...and failing miserably at taking selfies at the iconic Eiffel Tour. ...
I seriously don't know how that lamp post got there. Hahahahaha! 
...and finally... just finally... when I was at the verge of giving up hope in finding my Santa Claus...

I met him... ehh...
Do you dare to say he's fake in my face? How dare you? Hak hak hak =P
And my quest has been fulfilled. Next thing on my to-do list in Europe would be... looking for snow. Coming up soon.. 

Merry Christmas to all my family members, friends and readers who celebrates this and Happy New Year! Have you been naughty this year? If yes, don't dream getting a present from Santa!!

Happy traveling tweeps!


Alid Abdul said... [Reply]

only this -__- kuranglah kau menulis cisss

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ alid abdul.. halahhh! for one full post takes almost 5 hours to make. this post is only to wish merry xmas. =P

Khai said... [Reply]

I did not. So, present? Hahaha

Ruggedmom com said... [Reply]

cer cite berapa total damage? senang aku nak berangan