Friday, February 7, 2014

My Traveling Backpack

At first, I was invited to join this blogging contest held by a famous Indonesian Travel Blogger, but later on found out it was open for Indonesians only. Haha. So to feed the curiosity of the person who invited me about my backpack, I decided to blog about it. For him. Ehem. (#prett I know)

Anybody who has ever traveled with me or chanced upon me during my travels, you might have noticed that I always, and I mean ALWAYS bring a pink backpack with me. It has somewhat become my identity and also the identity of my blog. (Refer to the header of this blog, created by my best buddy @helgaindra)

Picture taken during my FIRST BACKPACKING trip to Thailand in 2012.
I have a bigger bag to fit in my 4 to 10 days of daily clothes and toiletries but this pink backpack dates way back to 2007. I bought it in Midvalley for a price nearing RM 300. So it has been with me for almost six years and still counting. :)

The pink bag which I got no name for it has been with me to almost all my local and outbound trips. It is colored pink not because I love that color (my favorite color is BLUE, by the way. Haha). But because it was the ONLY bag in that size being sold at the store. I had no choice but to buy it. And it stayed with me ever since. :P

What I Love About This Bag:
  • It has many hidden compartments where I can hid my passport and airline tickets. Money too.
  • It has two separators inside it. One for a super-small laptop or ipad. Another for bigger things, maybe extra pair of clothes or a jacket.
  • two zipped compartments in the front. One on top where I can grab easy money if I want to buy something in public. One on the bottom to house my gadgets.
  • Side pockets, large enough to hold two 600ml mineral waters.
  • Two zippers on top so I can secure it with a lock. :P
  • And besides, I look hot using it. #eh #apasih
It witnessed it's first active volcano with me in East Jawa, Indonesia in 2012
Followed me to the sand dunes of Northern Vietnam in 2013
Accompanied me during my backpacking trip to India in 2013.
Well.. I don't want to bore you with all my pictures with the backpack during my travels. You should get the idea by now! :P

Oh and the yellow bunny-looking toy in front, I got it from McDonalds, free with a Happy Meal. Hahaha!

So there... that's my story of my backpack. Hoping for many years together, both rain and shine. :)

Tell me about yours please? :P


aaron setiawan said... [Reply]

Hahahaha... Thanks ya. Preet.. hahaha
I envy with that doll which is always accompany wherever you go.

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ aaron.. hahaha. why so? then join me on my next trip. Be my travelmate. :P

aaron setiawan said... [Reply]

I have tickets on May 2014, i will go to Malaysia for 4days. I can be your travelmate :P hahaha

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

# aaron... pretttttt!! :p

aaron setiawan said... [Reply]

I am serious. :)
Maybe 2 days in Penang, and 2 days in KL. Hahaha.
Don't tell my plan to everyone! hahaha. It's secret! :))

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ aaron...

sama bro andre ya??

aaron setiawan said... [Reply]

maybe yes, maybe no. I don't know because we are different plane.

syieda said... [Reply]

Got one similar mcm tu. It is hush puppies & red colour.

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ aaron... haha. do let me know when you coming then. I might be in the mood to bring you to Pahang :P

@ syieda... ahh!! exactly the same brand!!! hahaha

Farikica said... [Reply]

Cute! Faithful buddy...:)

Diana Diane Teo said... [Reply]

The backpack that I am using now also bought back in 2007. Initially it was for college purpose but now it has travelled more than 20 countries. Only cost less than RM90. RM300 is so expensive for me. Me couldn't afford that xP

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ farikica... hehe. and highly convenient during my travels.

@ diana.. it's a one-off investment that will last for years to come. haha. havent bought another bag since :)

Ade Lim said... [Reply]

I want to joint but u went already why not u come joint me and go for 1 more time this coming April Yojakarta.......hihihihi

LanaBusyBee said... [Reply]

hi zarah...lamanya tak singgah blog ko ^^ ah jalan2 ni kan...enjoy sebelum berkeluarga ni haaaa :P

rayyan haries said... [Reply]

Haha, I remember this bag very clearly. And how you almost forgotten this in Ayuthayya and most of your stuffs.

Haha, I hope you have not been losing anything. Well, most of them are hidden in your bag. hihihi

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