Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Princess Treatment at Castle Inn Cappadocia

I first came to know of this "castle-like" accommodation from another travel blogger and decided to give it a try. Initially I wanted to stay at the highly tourist dense town of Goreme to be close to the UNESCO listed Goreme Open Museum but at the very last minute decided to check Ortahisar instead Well, after reading the short details on Castle Inn as read below on Booking.com with an impressive 9.4 score in reviews, you'd too would have a change of heart!

9.4 guys!!! 

"Located in the heart of Ortahisar district, Castle Inn Cappadocia has a unique architecture with a stone-built structure. The property offers a terrace with views over the town, and arched or cave rooms with authentic interiors and modern amenities. The rooms of Castle Inn Cappadocia are equipped with orthopaedic beds and pillows. They all have a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, free Wi-Fi, a minibar, free table PC, a phone with free local calls, and an electric kettle with complimentary coffee, black herbal tea. All rooms have a fireplace and some rooms offer a private spa bath. Daily breakfast is served as an open buffet with local products. You can enjoy your breakfast in the authentic breakfast room with an arched ceiling. 

Goreme Open Air Museum is within 2 km. Nevsehir Cappadocia Airport is 40 km away"

Short and precise. The hotel is everything that they've advertised and much more!

I departed by bus from Istanbul and reached Cappadocia at around 830 am. Since I wasn't going to be long here, I arranged with Suat (the hotel's owner) to join a day-trip around the area before I went to the hotel. It was expected that the tour agent will be picking me up from the bus station as soon as I arrive, but I didn't expect a representative from the hotel to also come and meet me too! The representative came to greet me and took my backpack away to the hotel so that I can enjoy the tour without worrying about it.

And even after the tour, I was dropped first at the hotel and this is what welcomed me.

Opps. I purposely posted the wrong picture! Hehehe! 
Okok... I was a bit too overexcited when I was shown to my CAVE ROOM which includes a huge jacuzzi. Trying it was the second highlight of my stay.... after the gracious welcoming by my hosts, Suat and Ahmed (Hotel Manager). Their hospitality was beyond phenomenal. I was given hot tea upon my arrival and was briefed about the background of the hotel before I retreated to my hot bath. Haha.

The dwellings of a tired princess for the night! 
And here's the bathroom.
See the tub!! Oh-em-giii... 
What differs this hotel to the other cave hotels around Cappadocia?

It resembles more of a castle with antiques that Suat collects from all around the world as decor instead of the usual traditional Turkish decor at other hotels. Even banisters and lamps were customized to have the hotel's logo on it. A personal touch. 

This unique wall lamp was customized with the hotel's logo on it. Was found at the dining area.
The hotel has five different rooms, individually decorated and common areas to compliment them. Just outside my cave room there's this common area where I can sit down and chit-chat with the other guests while enjoying free tea.

Common area outside my room.
And for the rooms upstairs, there's a patio overlooking the neighborhood and during good days, you could enjoy a beautiful sunset!

The rooftop patio just upstairs. you can also spot some hot air balloons in the mornings!
I am very thankful to the staff of Castle Inn for making my first stay in Cappadocia such a memorable one. I felt like a guest in a friend's home. That evening, a staff went all out to drive two other guests and I to a nice restaurant with a great view for dinner. My companions were very friendly hailing from Canada and I enjoyed my dinner with them discussing all things outdoors. And just before I was due to catch a shuttle bus to the airport the next morning, Mr Ahmed drove us to a scenic view to enjoy the hot air balloons in the air!

A beautiful ending to my last day in Cappadocia.
I was really sad to go as there were so many recommended spots to visit and explore. Maybe next time.  Many, many thanks to Suat and Ahmed for their insane hospitality. The best I've experienced yet. Hopefully next time, the hotel has extended to the building next door as dreamt by Mr Suat. Hehe.

More details can be seen at Castle Inn's website. Hope this review has enchanted some of you to check them out!


INNANIE ARIFFIN said... [Reply]

Allahuakbar cantiknya pemandangan! berbaloi dapat travel kan? :)

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ innanie... alhamdulillah.. Allah cukupkan rezeki untuk berpeluang travel di ketika aku masih muda dan sihat. hehehe

En iLHAM said... [Reply]

Cantik betul hotel ni. Last gambar tu yang paling awesome. Harap Miss Jard boleh share cara-cara mengumpul duit secara efisien untuk travel. hehehe. Selamat Hari Raya

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ en ilham... kurangkan hutang bulanan (kad kredit, loan kereta, loan rumah dsbnya) hahaha.. dan tetapkan melancong sbg keutamaan daripada beli henfon atau baju baru yang mahal. tu je. :P

Selamat hari raya juga!

Farah said... [Reply]

Cantik sangat ni. Boleh cuba booking kalau pergi ke Turkey nanti.

Wak Lat said... [Reply]

selamat hariraya maaf zahir batin., jauhnya jalan2 istanbul tuu ;p

Anonymous said... [Reply]

yang ni rare..biasanya capadocia org post pasal belon2 hahaha

Unknown said... [Reply]

cantiknya vieww