Monday, May 30, 2016

Hiking Mt. Merbabu via Selo - 3142 masl

As of all the mountains I've climbed, they'll be shrouded by some mystic tale. As for Mt Merbabu, which means "Meru" for mountain and "Babu", for woman, the Woman Mountain, there are two such stories about it.

Legend has it that a very famous Javanese empire called Mataram Kuno disappeared or was swallowed up between Mt. Merbabu and Mt Merapi and another says that it was once a market place called "devil's market" where locals come to sell or buy their demonic possessions. Thankfully, the only scary thing I've encountered during my hike was being fart bombed by my hiking mates. :P

South view from the peak of Merbabu. Seen here is Sabana I, Sabana II and Mt Merapi.

Mt. Merbabu is a dormant stratovolcano and has last erupted in 1560 and 1797. It has five calderas though all of them is overgrown by lush greenery. And I daresay, the views from Merbabu could possibly be on the same tier as Rinjani's
There are three main known routes to reach Merbabu's most highest peak (via Wekas, via Selo or via Suwanting) and at it's peak, you can view many other mountains located nearby. From the summit you will enjoy a 360 degree vantage point of these mountains.

  • To the west you see Gunung Sumbing, Gunung Sindoro and the Dieng Plateau 
  • To the north you see Gunung Telemoyo and Gunung Ungaran 
  • To the south you see Gunung Merapi 
  • To the east you see Gunung Lawu

Before starting any hike, you must first register at any of the many bascamps found at the foot of the mountain. For this mountain, it will be around IDR 19,500 as we were gonna stay for two nights so have to pay for 3 days (IDR 5,000 x 3 days = IDR 15,000). Another IDR 4,500 is for the National Park One Time Entry Fee.

We got in using the local fees. I heard that for foreign hikers, the cost would be IDR160,000. 
Here's a rough estimation from each post if you're gonna hike via Selo.

Trek Estimation:

Basecamp – Pos I (2,5 hours)
Pos I – Pos II (30 minutes )
Pos II – Pos III (2,5 hours)

A view while coming down from the peak to Sabana II.

POs III – Sabana I (1 hour)
Sabana I – Sabana II (30 minutes)

At Sabana II where we stayed for two nights.

Sabana II – Puncak Kenteng Songo (1 hour)

The FULL Malaysian team at one of the 7 peaks of Merbabu. 

...and lastly Puncak Kenteng Songo – Puncak Syarif (30 minutes)

TOTAL = 8 hours 30 minutes for the ascent.

We didn't actually go to Puncak Syarif but I wished we did, because we reached our camp from the peak at 730am and we spent the day away by sleeping and lazing around. Haha.

It was during our time at Sabana II did I get to joyfully enjoy watching these guys cook. :)

Guys are the sexiest when they "attempt" to cook. Seriously! 

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Omo...omo... the last caption WIN! hahaha

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@ rafidah... jom ahh join trip aku lain kali... takde lah laju berdesuppp weiii.... standard ahh.. kalau dah hiking dgn lelaki.. langkah cpt sket.. hehehe.

Alid Abdul said... [Reply]

Hemm kurang panjaaaaaaaaaaanggg

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plan lps raya. guide kita org hr tu blh, guide kak jard blh. ongkos blm kira. ala.. gunung kt Spain kakjard daki ni kan plk jiran sebelah. ongkos celah gigi kakjard je. hahaha said... [Reply]

Wah belum pernah mendaki nih, kemaren ada teman ke Gunung Lawu cuma dapat kabarnya aja

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makasih gan infonya

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kuy kak kita ke gunung argopuro atau penanggungan