Thursday, December 1, 2011

Japan Trip Day 3 : Kebab Halal @ Makuhari Messe

From the first day we stayed in Tokyo, Japan, my roommate and I resorted to munching on dried biscuits and Maggi as means to curb hunger. Our stay at the hotel didn't include breakfast and it still costs us RM500++ per night.LOL.

But finding out that there was a Halal restaurant just in the Makuhari area where the conference was held has delighted us more than words can say. You could simply put it as 'in the state of oblivion'!

We first went there right after the conference on the 1st day to avoid rush hour and went AGAIN for the 2nd time for lunch. Hahaha... we thought we'd never find another HALAL food after that!

It was a LONG walk from Makuhari Messe to AEON Makuhari Shopping Center.
Seen from the above map (source), the train station that we stopped at is named JR Kaihin Makuhari. It takes about 10 minutes to get from the station to Makuhari Messe. So imagine how long it takes from Makuhari Messe to AEON Makuhari Shopping Center.

Approx  20 - 30 ++ minutes!!! Maybe more...=p

Japan is famous for its various exquisite oriental food. Too bad it isn't halal. T_T

So only one restaurant was lucky to have us that day. It is located at the second floor food-court inside the AEON Makuhari Shopping Center. (refer to map above)

Named Star Kebab

The guy who was on duty that day was a friendly Arabic guy (me think he's Arab). And he cheerfully explained that some of the menus were halal and some non-halal.

My roommie was a bit skeptic when she heard they were serving two types..

Soon enough we understood what the guy meant by browsing the menus.

Can you differentiate which meal is Halal and which is not?
OK.. maybe not...

Look closer...

Now can you see the HALAL word? LOL.
The guy explained that the food was not labeled Halal because the cow meat used in it was imported from New Zealand (eh? or was it Australia) and it's source is unknown. While the meat labeled Halal in the menus were all chicken based food. This means no cow meat for me. Huhu. And hell YES to chicken!!! Pssst... forgot to mention.. he showed us that BOTH MEAT were handled SEPARATELY. Nice!

Here's a picture of the cute guy (eh?) smiling for the camera. =p

Cute ehhh??? Hope he doesn't read this blog. HAHA.
My friend instantly declared him as my new boyfriend in Japan. LOL. Without his knowledge of course. Oh well... when food is involved, I don't mind being the object of ridicule anymore. hehehe..

Especially when I get to eat FOOD like below.......

Finally... food I can eat without HESITATION  in JAPAN!!!

I basically goggled up all the food without any care of the world! We had a few glances from onlookers mostly because we were the only Hijabi garbed women in the food court. HAHA! Well who cares?


OK... enough of Day 3. Sorry for the very late update. I had to balik kampong due to unforeseen reasons. Do forgive me. Have 3 more days to blog about! Till then...

Thankyou for reading!!!



Boneka Tak Sakit said... [Reply]

mahal ye 500 semalam aku rasa bilik pown kecik je kan?
jepun memang mahal xigt. tpi diorang ye gaji pown mahal so diorang mampu la kot..

agak2 yg ko makan tu brp ringgit cecita juga hal tu ;p

*btw ko xbuat travelog ke pasal japan nie dari awal hingga akhir 4part cukup la. aku rasa aku minat baca

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@BTS.. hehe.. ada lah travelog. ku buat ikut hari.

entri ini dah masuk hari ketiga. hari pertama dan kedua ada dalam entri2 yang lepas.

rajin2 la jenguk ya! ^^

Unknown said... [Reply]

cambest je....bila la nak ke sana...

tp kebanyakan kat oversea..kalo nak cari yg halal mmg yg org arab atau bangladesh masak...

hazman aka species1980 said... [Reply]

yang penting ade makanan halal kan....baru la boleh makan tanpa was2x...

Hans Hanis said... [Reply]

simpan duit jepun untuk saya

Akulah Pak Lan said... [Reply]

masa aku pergi jepun dulu, kebab ja la pilihan kalau aku rindu nak makan daging

sepol kenshu said... [Reply]

ikan buntal satu!!!!!!!!

Admin said... [Reply]

Simpan duit jepun je,nak lesana tak mampu

Unknown said... [Reply]

Asalaamu alakum, I'm an English Muslim, and I've been to Makuhari several times for work, and not realised this was there! I'm due to go again on Monday (yes, during Ramadhan) and would love to know if you found any other halal restaurants around that same area? I realise this post is quite old, but I'm still hoping!