Friday, December 9, 2011

Japan Trip Day 5 - A Very Malaysian Tourist Guide and iPhone 4S

Our fifth day was more relaxing. It was a cloudy Saturday morning when we stepped outside. And it was our first meeting with a Malaysian guy studying at Japan who volunteered to be our tourist guide that day.

I would say we were lucky to get to know this guy. First communicated with him through twitter after I posted a blogpost on the difficulty of going to Japan which later was RT'ed through twitter. Remarkably enough, this guy humbly replied my plea for help and offered help. And he wasn't even on my friend-list. LOL!

He was basically a complete stranger who initially thought I was a GUY. (Another LOL!)

Later-on I found out that he was a blogger too and is from Kelantan. Had to make sure the background of the people we meet overseas for safety measures, right? And after several online conversations, I finally decided that he is in fact a decent person to meet-up. =)

So here I'd like to introduce our tourist guide who comes with the name Asraff  Jeffrey with twitter handler @cerahjeff. He wore his Harimau Malaya jersey when he came to meet us that day at the hotel's lobby. Very Malaysian don't you think? Hehe.

Asraff toying with the iPhone 4S.
He brought us to many 'MUST VISIT' places around Tokyo and even brought us to dine at some local HALAL restaurants. But I'll blog about that later. I want to focus on him and iPhone 4S, already in stores in Tokyo!

You know what this means? LOL. It's the pricing of iPhone 4S.
Through Asraff, I learnt that Malaysian students prefer having iPhone compared to other phones because its easy to:
  • use GPS to know the places around you
  • could install kiblat compass to know kiblat anywhere and perform your prayers
  • long battery life
  • and besides, its quite cheap if bought under the telco agreement overseas. Basically FREE! LOL!
So if the students overseas get their hands on iPhone 4S for half the price... and then try selling it back in Malaysia....

... just imagine the profits they gain.


Below is the reply the SIRI application gave when Asraff asked 'How are you?". The phone was already set for Jane (presumed owner, I guess).

Trying the voice detection application.
Oh well, I have no desire to own iPhone yet. Let alone the newest version.

Just wanted to introduce our tourist guide and iPhone 4S before blogging on the places we visited that day.


Thanks for reading!



Boneka Tak Sakit said... [Reply]

i love the new iphone 4s. im might not been seen as a gadget freak but that siri fuction has blow me away. gonna put it on must buy list haha...

*forever alone
siri do u love me..

yes i do.. i do do do do..♪♫

hazman aka species1980 said... [Reply]

lega bila ada orang nak tolong jadi tourist guide....keep on posting the stories...

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Salam, Hi! wonderful experience of u..! :) well, just wanna ask if ever i wanted to visit Japan, can he (your tour guide) be our tour guide too? :)


Anonymous said... [Reply]

La. Ko ke. Dh abis bc br perasan. Jard d great. Haha!

Unknown said... [Reply]

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