Saturday, May 5, 2012

Beijing Trip Day 4 - Shopping Spree at the Yashow Market, Sanlitun

After several excruciating hours at the "second" Jade factory that afternoon, we finally reached the shopping area at around 4 PM. Ms Lili gave us only 3 hours to shop for our things and by the expressions of some of the people in the group, I knew it wasn't enough. All I could think of was buying stuff asked by friends back in Malaysia and it was quite a longgggg list. Sigh.

Sanlitun Yashow Market was the shopping center recommended by Ms Lili and it stood five storeys tall. Each storey is dedicated to different sections such as one storey for clothing, another for bags and shoes, one storey for electronics and accessories, etc.

As soon as you enter the building, you'll be greeted with the view below.

An escalator to any floor you desire.
The public toilet is just on the second floor if I'm not mistaken.  My first stop was to find cheap winter coats. I was able to bargain a hooded D & G winter coat for about RMB 200. If I bought two the price could be lesser. =)

Resorted to buying coats near the escalator to save time.
Some of the sellers know some basic Malay such as "murah! murah!" which means CHEAP in English. Hahaha.

Next on my shopping list was finding cheap replica bags for a guy and girl respectively. I'm not into replicas as the quality was questionable but my friend's wish is my command.
I found lots of Prada and Balengcia replicas. All at RMB 100 if you bargain hard enough. LOL.
As another blogger smartly put it, all of these are USELESS but highly desirable junk!!! HAHAHA!
LVs and HERMES were also sold in abundance!
I bought a HERMES replica for RMB 100 and also a Coach Men's Slingback for the same price. Hehehe. So far nothing was for me.

Later, as the spree was coming to an end, (the time to gather at the required place was nearing...) i went to the fifth floor to find an 8 inch PC tablet cover for my dad. I've searched everywhere in Kuala Lumpur but none was found. Fortunately,  you could basically find everything under this one roof! 

Tip of the Day: Never buy fridge magnets at the places you visit as it costs about RMB 10 per piece. No bargaining there! Whereas at Yashow market (here), you can get it at RMB 3 per piece!!!

After buying everything on my shopping list, I headed down the escalator.
Fake shoes were also sold in abundance. Name the brand, it's ALL HERE!

Glancing a bit before exiting.
The other people in the group obviously had a great time shopping. Some even came put of the building with very big bags filled with bought items! 

And out the building we went and across the street to the waiting bus.
We were on the way to Tianjin for the night. It took about 2 hours and a half to get there from Beijing. As usual I was asleep along the way but managed to notice that the driver had difficulties locating our hotel there. He stopped the bus several times to ask for directions. =)

Next entry will be my last one on this Beijing trip. The last day was spent at Tianjin before we were sent to the airport.

Until then, thank you for reading!