Sunday, May 13, 2012

Planning ahead for my next 2013 holiday retreat

I don't know if you guys already know about this but is having another of their FREE SEATS sale starting at 00:00 am, 14th of May 2012 (TONIGHT) until the 20th. Yeah, my salary isn't in yet so have to make do with what money I have left. LOL. All prices are inclusive ONLY of  airport charges and taxes. And it could be pretty cheap. Travel period is between 4 January 2013 until 22 May 2013.

Starting TONIGHT people!!!

I've been sharing this promotion via my facebook page so hope you'd "like" the page to stay tune to many promotions in the future. =)

So let's plan ahead!!!

  • First thing is knowing the holidays in 2013 so that we don't have to take so many leave from work. 
Calendar for 2013 (Malaysia)
1 Jan New Year's Day 
24 Jan The Prophet Muhammad's Birthday 
1 Feb Federal Territory Day 
12 Feb Second day of Chinese Lunar New Year 
11 Feb Chinese Lunar New Year's Day 
1 May Labour Day 
  • Know the ticket prices of the places you want to fly to next year. All prices are to and from the destinations as stated below.
KL - Phonh Penh, Cambodia = RM 153.00
KL - Yogyakarta, Indonesia = RM 84.00
KL - Osaka, Japan = RM 181.00
KL - Vientiane, Laos = RM 124.00
KL - Clark, Philippines = RM 32.00

How did I get these prices? Well, I checked at Airasia's website and took the overall prices minus the SEAT PRICES. =) 
  • Prepare the money and buy online!
I don't have a credit card and will be using my debit card. Hehe. So hope you guys get to buy your dream destinations' tickets. I'm sure the servers will be crazy starting tonight so have patience. Plan early and wisely!



Rowena Zainuddin said... [Reply]

Hi Kak Jard.
Remember me? Hehee.
Ohh, free seats je. I thought everything is free.
Jom pegi Osaka! :D

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@Rowena Zainuddin Jom2. mestilah ingat lagi. hehe. antara blogger pemes neh.

Lily Riani said... [Reply]

next year i plan scandi... and perhaps CCM jek... if ada duit extra leh ler gi the phils... sigh... kalau kaya best kan

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@Lily Riani hey there!!! I just bought tix to phils for RM118 for next year! yayaaa!!! LOVE AIRASIA to the max!