Monday, June 18, 2012

7 foreigners, Kuala Lumpur and a hazy Saturday

I was given a 11-seater van, a driver and the whole Saturday to bring my friends from Papua New Guinea to places of interest around Kuala Lumpur. I never had any experience being a tour guide but had to make an exception on that day. One of them had to stay back thought. So out of the 8, I only brought 7 of them.

 So first stop of the day was Malaysia's National Zoo!

Locals - RM20 /person, Non-Malaysians - RM30 /person. A RM10 difference.
These lovely guys requested to visit the zoo to compare the animals found here in Malaysia to that in Papua New Guinea. I happily obliged to their requests and brought them there with the condition that they pay the tickets themselves. Hehe.

The happy lot of Papua New Guinea friends with another Malaysian, Amri. Hope you know which one is Amri. LOL>
I couldn't help but take the picture below. It symbolizes excitement and unity. =)

All for 1, and 1 for ALL! Into the ZOO we go!
We tried to cover as much ground as possible in the zoo. All by foot. I was amazed that they were such an energetic lot, almost like touring with a group of kids. They never seem to tire out! They must love animals a lot. Hehe.

From above pic: One of them feeding an elephant andanother two watching a group of monkeys.
We went to the amphibian and reptilian sector to see pythons and cobras. I found out that Max (one of the Papua New Guineans) was most afraid of the snakes and the other guys were always trying to scare him off. Haha.

Seloka on the other hand, refused to take pictures of the snakes because he once did and the snake mystically didn't show on ANY of his pictures. That was damn scary! He also told me that some tribes of the Papua New Guinea performed black magic where occasionally by just staring at a targeted person can immediately kill him/her. Erk!

Clockwise from upper left: A snake with its peeled skin, the Aquarium, the guys, fishes, and the  amphitheater showcasing a trained, jumping Seal.
We were in the zoo for 4 hours and started to get hungry. Thus had to skip the zebras. Sigh.

Clockwise from upper left: A standing bear, the guys munching, a pacing lion, me sandwiched between Max and Seloka, and Maz filming some flamingos.
It was almost three o'clock when we finally exited the zoo. Before our next stop, we decided to show them the location of the Papua New Guinea embassy at Jalan Lingkungan U-Thant.

It was closed of course, on a Saturday. But that didn't stop them from taking a picture in front of it. =)

In front of the Papua New Guinea embassy. The flag has the paradise bird as it's symbol. 
Lunch that day was at KLCC. See how excited of them to finally visit KLCC, the tallest (or is it the second tallest?) building in the world!

I said jump, and they really did JUMP! HAHAHA!
I guess I'll stop my post here. The journey didn't end here though. We visited the Malaysia's Craft Center, Merdeka field and Kuchai Lama after that. 

But that will be in another post. Until then, thank you for reading! =)



Adziim said... [Reply]

Klcc is the tallest twin buildings in the world.

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@Adziim ahh.. betul tu! hahahah.. thanks encek adziim yg kacak!

farhanaDr said... [Reply]

Amri saje je tau! Tak nak pandang kamera. Haha. :p

Anyway, seronok baca. I kinda love this job, being a tour guide. Ouh! Can I quit being a doctor? Huhu..

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@farhanaDr haha. amri memang!

tulah.. rasa cam seronok plak jadi tour guide cuma satu je la.. gaji tak berapa nk besh berbanding awak yg bakal jadi doktor. hehehehe. so think twice k?

AJ said... [Reply]

wahh,ramainya pakwe2 jard....

Hik3,zoo memang cool...tapi bayarannya pun agak cool..

Adam bin Ahmad said... [Reply]

Elephant tuh macam tengah senyum

HEMY said... [Reply]

AKU GI dulu singa tu tengah sakit..tak dpt jumpa singa