Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Top 10 Things to do in Cherating, Pahang

When you think of Cherating, you'd think of sandy beaches.
When you think of beaches, you'd think of sea activities.

Well, you're not that far from wrong with that one.

I had the pleasure to do some of them during my stay at the Legend Resort Cherating and hopes this post will benefit some people at least. Here goes my top 10 things to do in Cherating. (Not in any particular order) =)

1. Visit the Turtle Sanctuary (10 minutes drive from the Legend)

Price: RM40.00/adult (min 3 people)

Let's see how the experts do it.
We were briefed on the various species of turtles found on the shores of Malaysia. They also shared which species were rare and which were extinct. (Sorry, I'm not that much of a note taker). This sanctuary also stores turtle eggs which they help to protect until they hatch. Some live turtles are also kept here in case you want to see the real deal.

I suggest you also join the turtle watching activity done during the nights at activity number two.

2. Turtle Watching (from April to August - the season of turtles mating)

Price: RM55.00/adult (min. 3 persons)
Hell no! You won't see a free show of turtles mating!
This experience was emotional to me. I mean, I felt miserable seeing how earnest the turtle was in laying her precious eggs whilst being spied on by many spectators. How do you feel if you were in her place? Do you like strangers peeking under your skirts? LOL. I felt sorry for the mother turtle.

This activity includes you watching turtles lay their eggs and freeing baby turtles to the sea. My baby turtle was named Leonardo, a girl.

If you're interested to join this activity, do make sure you keep your lights switched off. It disorients the turtles when they struggle to get back to sea. 

3. Mangrove River Cruise (Cherating River)

Price: RM50.00/adult (min. 3 people)
An educational river cruise.
A guide who steers the noiseless motorboat will explain all there is about mangroves. If you're lucky (like me), you'll spot some animals on the way such as squirrels, a few species of snakes and a family of jumping monkeys.

4. Firefly Ibok River, Kemamam

Price: RM50.00/adult (min. 3 people)

-----Sorry no picture as it was so dark there! -----

My advise: Go when there are no moon rays lighting up the sky. And leave your cameras at home. Its dead weight. Hint: Pitch dark.

5. ATV Jungle Adventure

Price: RM50.00/adult (min 4 people), only at Legend Resort.
Love it to death! Need I say more?
6. The Hunt for Authentic Keropok Lekor

Price depends on your luck. Cherating is so close to Kemamam, Terengganu that the keropok lekor is authentic as it gets.  =p

I just happen to buy my stock from Kamal (Pak Die) Keropok Lekor.
7. Trip to Snake Island

Price: RM35.00/adult

I believe this is the only island found at Cherating. Do expect to get really, REALLy wet when you join this experience and wear slippers!
You'll also be jungle trekking in your WETNESS! He he he.
There's another small rockery island with a single tree on it. You'll find an eagle flying in and out once in a while. FYI, that eagle is the sole inhabitant of that island.

8. Snorkeling

Price: RM260.00 per boat (min. 6 people)
Spotted some people snorkeling during my Island Trip.
I don't highly recommend this because of possible jellyfish in close proximity. But yeah, feel free to try it.

9. Visit Fisherman Village & Kemaman Town

Price: RM35.00/adult for three hours
Witness yourself the proud catches of fishermen in the village.
Other activities to note in the village are buying fresh seafood, go fishing, built your own fibre boat and other fishery related activities. They could also arrange for you to cook your catches with your friends or families.

10.  Swimming

FREE of charge in the right hotel/resort of course. If you despise or got tired of swimming in saltwater, you could always swim in the swimming pool. Hik hik hik.
The Legend Resort Cherating has one of the best pools in town. Mind you!
So there goes my list of 10 ten things to do in Cherating which I have personally enjoyed or at least saw other people enjoyed. =)

Lastly before I end this post, do enjoy your stay at Cherating!

PS: All of these activities can be arranged at The Legend Resort Cherating. Read my post here to get the details. 


Fie-Nuts said... [Reply]

OMG I wanted to do this also but you beat me to it. How now.... I have to change the whole thing. Huhu. Ke takpe sama.

Why all my photos heree.. on my story I put your photos izzit? hehe.

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@Fie-Nuts alaaa... teruskan je. writing style and points mestilah berbeza kan? =)

Unknown said... [Reply]

bestnyaaa yang pegi tgk penyu tuh!

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@aimi suka tengok penyuk ekk? sila2 gi lainkali k.

oranglidi said... [Reply]

alamak, kemamam ke kemaman? huhu.

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@oranglidi erkk.. tak pasti. kena tanya org ganu ttg hal ini. eh.. kamo bukan org ghanu ka? sila jawab soalan itu. hehehe..

Maaf ye klu salah eja.. wa tak sengaja

Yunus Badawi said... [Reply]

Ko pergi tengok kelip2 kat kg ibok tu tak? Good experience kalau belum pernah lihat kelip2

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@Yunus Badawi pergilah YB. hehe. tp sebab malam sgt dan gelap.. kamera plak tak cukup canggih, maka tiadalah fotonya. Tp mmg besh tengok kelip2. hehehe

Masy said... [Reply]

tempat yg sama akak stay masa gi cherating aritu. tp memandang semenye kene bayau, malaslah hahahahh!! lgpon nk rehat2 je..

ATV. abam ATV tu soh jagakan kedai dia masa dia gi entertained sorg mamat ni. hahaaaha

oranglidi said... [Reply]

orang ganung sebut kemamang hahaha. tapi sbnye kemaman. hehe

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@Masy alaa.. rugi akak tak gi swimming. hehehe.. lenkali akak try ATV klu mai sana lagi. rugi tak cuba ohhh..

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@oranglidi kemamang? that's so cute!! haha. ok.. seyes aku tak pernah berkawan dgn org ghanu yg ckp bhsnya dpn aku. wud be nice some day =)

hcvvorld of Travels, Lifestyle and Photography said... [Reply]

fun place to be at..and wow the fish is huge..rm35 is worth it!

Mohd Ilham said... [Reply]

haha....nice.. nanti senang lah aku nak gi sane..cuma print entri blog kau je untuk buat rujukan nanti

ruggedmom said... [Reply]

semua xtvt best tapi kalau x 7 hohohoo.... bajet thn dpn la pulak kot. Takde ke trip yg boleh bwa i sekali? ;p

Anonymous said... [Reply]

You're really an ignorant brat. You think it's stressful for the mother turtle to have all these idiotic human surrounding it yet you're taking pics of it with flash. Is that you holding a baby turtle?!

Unknown said... [Reply]

good info! m about to stay there for one night. what activity should i choose hmm..

Charlotte said... [Reply]

Thank you very much. This post helps me to get an idea about what to do in Cherating. It's much better than any other tourism site!

Pixie said... [Reply]

i went to the turtle sanctuary and it is free. releasing baby turtles back to the ocean cost RM5 each. but i truly enjoy the experince *smilez*

lynn said... [Reply]

Pixie.. How come it's free for u?

Unknown said... [Reply]

Mana nak ctct utk pergi sg ular tu ye?