Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Buffet Ramadhan @ Darby Park Executive Suites

This was my first time dining at the 39 Restaurant located at Darby Park Executive Suit. Why is it named the 39 Restaurant?

Well, because it is located on the last floor of the 39th floor high-rise building. And when I say high-rise and the last floor, you can actually view the whole of KL city from there! This open fast session was accompanied by ciklilyputih and Ivy Kam.

Taking in the breath-taking view of KL's skyline from the top floor.
The seating area is ala banquet style as seen below.

The tables were already set. Just bring in your food and you set to dine!
The buffet spread wasn't that big but still a lot to choose from.

Clock-wise from  upper left - Satay galore, drinks available, 39 Restaurant signage as seen at the entrance, and the dessert section.
Here's something I didn't find at my previous buffet indulgence - Laksa Johor!

Laksa Johor anyone?
Seating area that was closest to the main dishes of the buffet spread.

The ambiance was more casual here.
The thing I enjoyed most about this buffet is the Durian Potong Ice Cream. I actually ate two! Haha!

I just LOVE ice cream POTONG!
I was also accompanied by these awesome bloggers below, Thrishtan and Rayyan Haries. We actually were the loudest group of people in the restaurant! LOL. It was non-stop chatter from beginning to the end! Hope we didn't annoy the people around us though. =p

Thrishtan and Rayyan.
Buffet Ramadhan at the 39 restaurant with the awesome KL skyline view is priced at RM99++ per adult.

Details can be read here -- http://www.pnbdarbypark.com/view-promotion/46067

For reservations, call -- 03-7490 3939 / 7490 3333

There's currently a "9+1" PROMOTION  for 9  people who dines, the 10th person can dine for free! This offer is valid from 23 - 27 July 2012. ^^

Happy dining everyone!