Monday, March 11, 2013

A 24 Hours Trip to Singapore

It was a last minute decision. Not planned by me but rather by my friend from Nepal who is currently in KL for an international symposium and dreams of Singapore. His plan was to go there on Friday night, get into Universal Studios on Saturday and go back on the same day! I think I was asked four times to follow him and I accepted after knowing everything was paid for except food. His friend was tagging along too which makes three of us for this trip.

So off we go!

We took the 8:30 pm bus from Bangsar via First Coach and from there it will enter Singapore, Novena Square to be exact. Since the bus tickets were fully paid by my friend, I only brought my dear self, a small rucksack (filled with some snacks) and only SGD 4 for food. Haha! (I've been to Singapore before and know for a fact that rice with chicken costs around SGD 3.50) =P

The coach from Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur to Novena Square, Singapore. It took approximately FIVE hours.
My review on First Coach
  • Via train from KL Central is cheaper.
  • Spacious seats
  • Have indoor entertainment with selected movies. Only thing, you need to bring your own earphones.
  • A bun and water is provided.
  • Stops only one time for self refresher, to eat or toilet time. 
  • I don't like the fact that the driver can't stop me by Angkasapuri's roadside during the drive back to KL. Alas, who am I to complain?
  • Overall rating : I won't use this transport again. Will try another bus service. =)
We reached Novena Square by 2 am on Saturday morning and waited for a taxi by the road-side.
It was sooo early. I didn't know what to expect once we reached Sentosa island. Luckily the taxi took us to the casino passenger drop-off at Resorts World Sentosa. There was no fee to enter the island so I brought them to see USS's front gates and the water front before we settled on a sleeping place.

And voilla.... this is where we crashed for the night!!!

This is where my friends slept that night. I on the other hand slept under another tree. 
The benches were actually full before the night ended. I guess people can actually sleep here before sun-rise. Haha.  I drifted to sleep and woke moments later by the sounds of people walking past or my sleeping neighbor shifted from side to side. I think I was able to sleep only a few hours. T__T

Before daybreak, I immediately went to the toilet to freshen myself. Our cheapskate breakfast only consisted of the chicken paus I brought with me. Since USS counter tickets opened only an hour earlier than 10 am, we decided to explore the place.

Clockwise from upper left : the closed USS ticket counters, the escalator to Vivocity across the bridge, Sentosa signage, and the wooden boardwalk on the bridge.

Unfortunately, when we reached VivoCity, it was still closed. Haha! So we headed back to wait for USS to open instead. Around 9 am was we able to buy the tickets. Hurrayyy!!

USS Counter Price Tickets:
Adult - SGD 74.00 for full day pass (*pengsan! Sebbaik bukan ku yang bayar. Wakaka!)

The thing about USS during a weekend in the middle of the month is.......... there's not that much of a crowd!!! And we actually got time to RIDE ALL THE ATTRACTIONS! Well, except the roller coasters as my friends weren't up to it. *sigh. One of my friends actually had a headache after riding a some what roller-coaster ride inside the Ancient Egypt's building. I actually laughed at him. Hehe.

Of course, the very first ride that we took was the Transformer's Ride! It was total AWESOMENESS!

You are the only reason why I wanted to go to USS, oh my future husband (cc: Bumblebee)
We attended almost all the live shows possible and entered all the themed zones as listed below:
  • Hollywood - Met Betty Boop. And watched Hollywood Musical Rock. Also witnessed how a hurricane is created in a studio! 
  • New York - mimics New York cityscape. Good for picture taking!
  • Sci-Fi City - Transformer The Ride!
  • Ancient Egypt - met some mummies. Bags were not allowed inside but at least the lockers were free for the first 45 minutes. =)
  • The Lost World - Rode on a boat in a Jurassic themed park.
  • Far Far Away - Watched donkey singing and interacting with us LIVE and went on a 3D ride to meet Shrek and his mud friends.
  • Madagascar - A cute ride. More suitable for kids.
  • Waterworld ( I think this is the newest addition and not featured on USS's map yet.) - watched an action-packed show with people actually doing seriously dangerous stunts! 
We ended our USS trip by 3 pm and headed into town via taxi. The first stop was Simling Square, an electronics center but reading from online reviews, I've heard that many people got cheated here. Alas, I was only there to do some window shopping and my money was saved. For now, at least.

Eventually, we stayed and had lunch there. Since it was raining heavily outside, we decided to explore every floor from top to bottom. When we finally checked the last store, the rain has stopped. Later we headed to the nearby stores and after asking for directions to the nearest Money Exchange Counter, we found ourselves in Bugis Street.

This is my first time here. I missed this during my last visit!
I bought a SGD 1 strawberry banana drink here and it was delicious! Will certainly come back for more next time around. My friends didn't like the smell at the entrance though. What smell? It was only durian smell, my favorite fruit. Hehe.

Around 6:30 pm we hailed a taxi and headed back to Novena Square to catch our 8:30 pm bus back to Kuala Lumpur. There was a shopping mall near by and that's where we spent the last remaining hours in Singapore. More window shopping!

Later on that night, we reached Bangsar at around 2 am. Me being the super cheapskate that I am decided to walk from Bangsar to Angkasapuri where my car is parked. It took us about an hour to get there. And my right foot actually bled from that adventure. 

And thus ends my 24 hours trip to Singapore. With only SGD4. =)))



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i hope i can go there one day!

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sangat teringin ke singapore!!! look near but yet so far..kih3..

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