Thursday, March 14, 2013

Touring Melaka with a Nepalese and two Indonesians

Alid Abdul was one of the first couchsurfer and Indonesian travel blogger that I met during my first trip to Surabaya last year. He helped introduce Trovulan (historic place for Majapahit's ruins) to me and also became my tour guide and driver. It was only customary that I should return his favor by doing the same if he's ever in Kuala Lumpur. Luckily for him and his friend, Adit, I was finally able to return his kindness.

Coinciding with his date of arrival, I was also having a guest from Nepal. Since all three of them have never been to Melaka, I decided to bring all three of them to Melaka. As the saying goes, kill two birds with a stone. =P

The day started with me fetching my friend from Nepal, Radeep and then head to the airport to fetch Alid and his friend. After that, we'll head straight to Melaka.
Our first visit for the day. the Christ Church and the Stadthuys, Melaka
The bad thing is... I'm not a local and I don't know my way around this historical world heritage city. For example, I didn't know what to visit and where to eat! Eventually we had to eat at a food court despite knowing all the good food around! Haha! So I'd like to say sorry to my unfortunate guests for any shortcomings from my part as the host. The trip would've been better. *nangis

The large signage we saw before entering Melaka.
We only managed to get a map of the walking trail in Melaka when we absentmindedly entered a museum about ChengHo. The owner, despite his best efforts and heart warming introduction of the museum, didn't manage to lure us to pay the RM5 for the ticket entrance. Hahaha. Instead, he had to part with one of his Melaka's map. For that, we were very grateful. Makasih uncle!

We ventured into Jonker's street (methink) in search for an old Dutch House. It was scorching hot and everyone was swimming in their own sweat. Haha. My stomach was also growling loudly as I didn't had my breakfast yet.

My foreign guests that day, Radeep (left), Adit (middle) and Alid. Guess which ones are from Indonesia?
I didn't take much photos that day. I was pretty much amused by watching these two scoundrels posing like models in front of their camera fitted on a short sturdy tripod. They were jumping here and there. Posing provocatively against walls. Pouting their mouths forward. They actually looked like professional models by the looks of it. Hahahaha! *narcis

But once in a while I did get to enjoy the historic buildings there. So here's my personal collection of pictures. It was indeed a beautiful day. Thank god for that!

Clockwise from upper left : backside of A'Famosa Fort, the insides of St. Paul Church (situated on the hill), Melaka riverside, St. Francis's Church. 
I particularly liked walking beside Melaka's river. I could feel the sense of history from there as if I was brought back in time waiting for my trader hubby to get back from the sea.. #eh Hehe.

Eh.. he was not my point of focus!
Alid actually ran in front of my camera when I tried taking this shot. Nahh.. padan muka. Am gonna post that picture since you ruined it! (see above)

Ahh.. much better. The sublime brick walkway beside Melaka's river. 
We headed back after letting Radeep get his sights set on the sea nearby and the boats. Despite seeing the ocean for the FIRST time in Singapore and again in Penang, he still becomes bonkers every-time he sees one! Haha! (Oh my, I think he did warn me not to laugh at him about the ocean thing. hehe)

When we headed back, rain suddenly made its way unto earth. Thankfully we were already in the car heading back to Kuala Lumpur.

Oh wait!!

We stopped at Putrajaya first before reaching KL for more pictures taking. Hehe.

OK, only after that did we head back via Puchong to avoid KL's massive traffic jams. =)

Thus ends my role as a host to my Nepalese and Indonesians' friends. Adios and keep on traveling peeps!


Farikica said... [Reply]

Hi Jard..I will always love Malacca. Stayed there for a few years when i was very young and keep coming back to malacca every now and then, sometimes for work, sometimes for leisure....Malacca never fails me...:) he..he..

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@farikica.. awww.. love melaka too! but too bad.. I don't know how to get around there! huhuhuhu... I am a BAD HOST. sobbss!!! T__T

Cahaya Yang Riang Gembira said... [Reply]

Melaka memang sangat panas sekarang. Duduk dalam rumah pun rasa macam berenang dalam peluh sendiri. Hehehe. (pelik bila ayat English ditranslate jadi BM) :p

kak ina kl said... [Reply]

memang best dapat gi jejalan kat melaka..akak nak pi lagi nanti cuti sekolah

Denaihati said... [Reply]

memang banyak sangat tempat best kat melaka, 1 hari rasa tak cukup pulak.

ericka said... [Reply]

Hooii Aliddd Dulidd

you were lucky! I was here in Melacca
but missed some part of them :((

Jard.. so kind of you to take him this lovely tour :D

Henry Lee said... [Reply]

ahhhh! now u're a tour guide ey! haha... it's been a while since i last visited melaka

udez said... [Reply]

adit is cute..hihi

Vira said... [Reply]

I love Malaka! I've been there twice but both were really short trips.. I'm hoping for a next (longer) visit there :D

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ farhana.. hehe. ku rasa panas satu malaysia. =P

@ kak ina KL.. pi lagi kak. rasanya aku kena stay 2 malam baru puas kot. scene malam lagi awesome kot!

@ denaihati.. hehehe.. betul3x. *gaya Upin Ipin

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ ericka... aww.. what part did u miss babe? I was only returning a favor. No problem! hehe!

@ udez.. wah wah wah.. adit jugak yg kamu tengok ya? hahaha.. dia agak comel dan photogenik kottt. =P

@ vira.. love it too! I think this time around was too short for a trip and I didn't enter any museums coz didnt want to pay the entrance fee! hahaha!

Alid Abdul said... [Reply]

Damn I look handsome hahaha...
wait for my blogpost haha... thx for everything akak ^_^

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ alid abdul.. get over yourself! hahahaha!

no problem ADEK! =P