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5 Places to Visit in Songkhla, Thailand

I went to Songkhla via Hat Yai last year. It was for a cycling event and no, I'm not a cyclist. Hehe. I was there only for a day trip and managed to visit the following five places as seen below in Songkhla.

It was intriguing to know that Songkhla or Singgora in Malay, was a city of an old Malay Kingdom of Langkasuka with heavy Srivijayan influence. After-all it was near the border of Malaysia. But it was under Thailand ruling since the 18th century. I wouldn't be surprised to meet some locals who can converse in Malay very well here.

Songhkla was previously a trading coastal port for the Indians, Persians and Arab merchants to exchange goods. It was named as "lion" after the lion-shaped islands at the mouth of the city's lake. These two islands are known as Ko Nu (Rat Island) and Ko Maeo (Cat Island). Now Songhkla is known as a fishing town.

1. Naga Head at Song Thale Park, Laem Son On, Songkhla City

Naga means dragon in Malaysian and Thailand language. I've learnt that this Dragon Head or "Nag" was constructed in 2007 and is a new attraction for Songkhla Lake. Interestingly, there are three parts of this dragon: - head, body and tail. The dragon head is situated at the estuary entrance to Songkhla Lake as pictured below, the body is at the park and the tail is stretching along the side way. This newly constructed Naga is said to symbolize wisdom and intelligence and is a major tourist attraction in Songkhla.

Hi, I'm Naga. I spit water. Not Fire. So beware!!! 
2. Reclining Buddha, Wat Phranon Laem Pho, Ko Yo (Yo Island)

There are two ways to get to Ko Yo Island. One via ferry and another one via the famous Tinsulanond Bridge. When I was there, we went there via ferry and stopped by the reclining Buddha found there.

The reclining Buddha, in her golden glory. 
3. The Songhkla Mermaid, Samila Beach

I thought there was a fairy-tale story about this bronze mermaid. But as I searched the net, there was none. It just says that a man saw a mermaid combing her hair on this very beach but his presence startled her and she dove into the sea. The man however waited for her return but she never did.

Thus in 1966 this mermaid sculpture was built.

Who wants to rub my breasts? And it has tits! 
I was surprised to see people (men, especially) taking their own sweet time rubbing and caressing this mermaid's breasts. I was disgusted at first but later I found out that there's a legend that if you do that, you'll get luck.

Errr... what kind of luck, I wonder? =P

4. Songkhla Lake

Take a ferry from the inland to Ko Yo Island. You'll be greeted with views of fishing boats and hillsides. Sadly I didn't take a lot of pictures as I was busy exploring the ferry instead. Muahaha!

Heading to Ko Yo island.
5. Tinsulanond Bridge

This bridge is the longest concrete bridge in Thailand, with two parts. One part connects he coast of Amphoe Mueang Songkhla at Ban Nam Krachai to the southern coast of Ko Yo (1,140 meters long), and the second part connects the northern shore of Ko Yo to the coast of Ban Khao Khiao (1,800 meters). It was opened to traffic on 25 September 1986

The bridge viewed from Ko Yo Island.
The 2.6 km long bridge is also part of Highway 4146, which links Highway 407 (Hat Yai - Songkhla) and Highway No. 4083 (Songkhla - Ranot) with a starting point for the home area of ​​water distribution. (source)

I'm sorry I didn't have a proper trip around Songhkla as I was being toured by a cycling organization (Raub Reborn Cycling Club (KBRB)) thus tips on how to get there and prices can't be provided. Hehe. Sorry. But it is an amazing place and I don't mind going there again (self-paid). Ok bye!

Happy traveling peeps!


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Faisal Admar said... [Reply]

wow this is a nice info. i'm going there this july.

Alid Abdul said... [Reply]

Wow I want luck then hahaha

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ cakap niaga.. hehehe... thanks beb.. akan ku pertimbangkan

@ faisal admar.. u're going there!? wahh.. hope u have fun!

@ alid.... kamu sudah gatal ya liddd??? ish.. ishh... 3x.

better kamu ramas bini kamu punya.. tau2.. kalau lucky dpt anak anak. hahahahaha

Faisal Admar said... [Reply]

yeah this july ater my mabul trip in june :)

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wha, tailand
pengen kesana.
tapi nggak punya duit :p

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nanti kalo saya ke thailand bakal mampir ke salah satu tempat diatas kak


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@ mohamad rivai.. ada kemahuan pasti ada jalan dong! haha

@ faisal.. wahh.. travel sakan kamuh ya. hehehe

@ helga... amin hel. AMIN! moga tercapai impian kamu!

Glamourous Traveller said... [Reply]

Good tips! No idea there was much to see in Songkhla, or Hat Yai for that matter (initially)

hcvvorld of Travels, Lifestyle and Photography said... [Reply]

i missed out all of this during my trip to hatyai 2 years ago...must go there again to visit that mermaid and the dragon thingy..