Monday, April 29, 2013

Arriving Clark International Airport Alone

I was told not to proceed with my plans to Manila, Philippines. I bought the tickets cheap last year for about RM100 and I wasn't discouraged in letting it go.

And so I went.

Alone on my first solo backpacking trip for 2013.

How did I feel?


Despite leaving behind loads of work at the office and also my last-minute planned itinerary at home. I arrived at Clark International Airport unabated and still full of enthusiasm.

I arrived with my small newly bought 35L backpack (bought by Lily from her recent trip to  Bangkok) with no map or plans whatsoever. I just came to experience and when I reached Clark it was around 1:00 am. Every store was closed and so I swallowed my hunger, found myself a bench and tried to sleep.

My first instinct as a female solo traveler was never to reach town during the dark. I decided to sleep at the nearly deserted with no WI-FI airport, figuring out on how to reach Manila in the morning. I didn't get a good rest though. Hahaha.

Later that morning around 6 am, I went out to explore the area in front of the airport. I spotted an empty bus, asked around and the guards told me that the bus ticket to Manila is 450 pesos. But after awhile, I was then shown to a jeepney that was nearby. The jeepney was sending people to the nearest bus station for 50 pesos. I decided to take that instead.

Once at the bus station, I was shown a moving bus that was heading to Manila, it stopped for me and I hopped on! I only paid 114 pesos to get to Manila. hahaha.

The best thing riding a bus early in the morning from Clark to Manila?

I get to witness a beautiful sun rise from the bus. :)

Sorry, no pictures of the sun rise but here's one for this entry. I was being careful with my stuff during the bus ride. :)

Yeahh!! I've been to Manilla!!! 

To be continued....


Alid Abdul said... [Reply]

Yeah saya belum ke Manila hahaha.
Why AirAsia arrive in the middle of the night haha. Is it the immigration counter still open?

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ alid abdul.. it got delayed. huhuhu..

the immigration inside the airport was still open. haha. but everything else outside was closed!

Faisal Admar said... [Reply]

alone in Philippines? wow! salute la jard! :)

Tunung D. said... [Reply]

Alone traveling oversea?? Omigosh! Salute you girl! Hopefully I will have the gut to that soon..hehe!

~Ati_Hime~ said... [Reply]

one word. AWESOME! Travelling alone? Overseas? Respect! Wish I can do that too! You go girl! :)

PerenLee said... [Reply]

I never travel oversea....takda kemampuan lagi...

hlga said... [Reply]

berangkat sendiri ya..
huuuu ajak aku lah kak

pB said... [Reply]

sengsorang ????

wah .... akak tabek springg larrrrr