Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Reminiscing Travel Moments 1

Sometimes looking back at pictures I've taken during my previous trips transfers me back in time. Whether I'm on a moving train, dozing-off....
... or going down a treacherous terrain, kicking dirt behind me....

Going down from Beomo of East Jawa, Indonesia.
... or on an open cart with dirt blowing into my face....

Hitching a ride to a bus station in Inle, Mynamar.
...or dressing up like a Tibetan Nepalese girl with a basket on my back... (Dafuq! What was I thinking?!)

They say it was to further appreciate the culture! Gahhahaha! Done this at Darjeeling, India.
.. or taking ridiculously angled shots of myself because no-one was there to take it for me!

Why was I leaning down?? Arghhh!! Some where in Angkor Wat of Cambodia.
...or eating fried GRASSHOPPERS from the night markets of Bangkok, Thailand!

My face after crunching down a grasshopper was priceless! 
The "experience" could be played vividly in my mind as if I was reliving the moments. And then I had to wake-up, yearning for more moments, thus beginning to hate my mundane life. Hahaha

The lasting after-effects of travel are still obvious on my face. Gone is the almost perfect clear skin which I carefully tendered and now in its place a coarse, zit-infested calloused skin. (The woes of a woman where beautiful skin is queen) Did that slow me down from travelling?

No it did not but I do need to take extra care of my skin. Haha.

Patience Jard, one more month before I hit the skies again. :)

In the meantime, lemme see if I can weave some travel stories on this pathetic blog of mine. Till then, happy traveling peeps!


Zuan said... [Reply]

wow~ you are with ryan ^^

i wanna be a traveller like you guys

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ zuan.. oh kenal rayan ya? hahaha. ini gambar tahun lepas. dah lama tak travel dgn dia

daddydee said... [Reply]

seronok dapat berjalan gini. masih belum berpeluang lagi

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ daddydee... sampai bila takde peluang neh? hehe. airasia tetap ada.. cpt gi beli tiket sekarang!

zette said... [Reply]

wow.. makan belalang! ahahaha... sedap tak?sedap tak? yang part dressed up like Tibetan tu saya rasa sedikit jemles.. heheh..

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ zette... hehehe. tak sedap!! arghh!

jemles? perkataan baru bg jeles ke? =P

Ummi Hanie said... [Reply]

jauh berjalan.. luas pmndgn...

bab makan belalang tu tak tahan :p

Henry Lee said... [Reply]

bestnyer boleh experience culture diorg ni :) good experience kan?

Hafizul said... [Reply]

Sedap makan belalang ni..hehe

Myra Jay said... [Reply]

Teringin nak travel tapi tula... :)

Terbeliak mata baca makan grasshopper..hehee

syieda said... [Reply]

Sedap ke grasshopper tu???? Crunchy eh???

Alid Abdul said... [Reply]

Wah I look handsome with that NEPALESE outfit not Tibetan :p

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ ummi hanie... hehehe. tak sukak!

@ henry lee.. sangat best. kamu bila lagi nak merasa? jom lah! hehe

@ hafizul ... tak sedap!!! gahhh!!

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ myra jay... you should try tho. kaya dgn protein tu. hehehehe

@ syieda.. tak sedap!! hahaha.. tp crunchy jugak lah. adehh..

@ alid.. demm.. patut rasa mcm ada yg silap some where. hahaha. ok changed the facts. Not tibetan but nepaleses.. gahh *malu* :(

Faisal Admar said... [Reply]

Gosh! a grasshopper? I wanna try.. hope I won't puke!

Tengkubutang said... [Reply]

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jom follow teman yea ..=)

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- zuriey - said... [Reply]

apa rasa makan belalang tu.. lain macam je mukanya..huhu

Nilu A said... [Reply]

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Unknown said... [Reply]

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