Thursday, September 12, 2013

Papuma Beach, a Heaven on Earth

Last month, I spent a week in Indonesia before flying off to Australia the following week. I truly wished I'd be still traveling for months after that but alas, it was only wishful thinking before I'm slapped with REALITY. :(

Although I enjoyed the cold weather of Batu in Malang, the friendly chanter of locals in Jombang and the famous Fashion Festival of Jember but staying the night at Papuma Beach hits my heart the most. The sun that met me in the morning was to die for and climbing up a hill to view the other-side simply took my breath away. :)

The ultimate fun thing about traveling solo is that I'm not tied with anyone and I can change my itinerary anytime to my heart's desire. Many unplanned stuff happened during my Jawa trip and it only made it more awesomer!

Random thing #1

I was totally prepared to sleep here. on the "tables" of cafes found there. Haha! 
Sleeping at the beach. Initially we (I was with a group of couchsurfers from Surabaya, renting a car together to Jember) planned to sleep in town. That didn't happen. After asking around to find a proper place to sleep, we found out that ALL the chalets and rooms were unavailable. And since we simply didn't want to rent a tent, we eventually ended up sleeping anywhere possible. Including on the sandy beach of Papuma with the moon and the stars high above us!

Random thing #2

I saw a butt naked fisherman when a group of boats came during late at night to bring in their catches. Boy was I shocked! *tutup mata* I thought what I saw was a trick to the eye (not that I'm horny btw)  but my travel-mate who was sitting beside me attested to what I saw when he saw it too! *pengsan* Sorry peeps! No picture! I'm no PERV!

Random thing #3

Waking up to see this wonderful view!!! What with the lack of sleep the night before and uncomfortable sleeping conditions, I doubted that I'd be able to wake up early! hahaha!

For the love of life! This is the most beautiful sunrise ever!! Like EVER!! *over*
And while acting like an imbecile who never seen a sun before, snapping selfies, I suddenly became aware that I was being watched. Embarrassing so that when I looked up it was Andreyongs!! The famous couchsurfer of Jember! (Handsome stud too!) =P

Andre (the guy in red) was so nice to come and meet my new friends. He even helped them with an issue regarding Ijen. Thanks Andre!
Oh god.. that was embarrassing being caught snapping pictures of self. Gahh!!

The whole gang watching the sun in the horizon. I'm the one in chocolate by the way. :)
Random thing #4

We did some climbing. I didn't know what to expect because I didn't do any google search on this beach and the spectacular view totally surprised me. I was totally smitten with the whole place! Love! Love! Love!

I mean LOOK. AT. THAT!!! PS: Don't look at me. *shy*
And if I turned my head to the right, I'll be greeted with another awesome view!

Paradise on earth!!! 
I mean, just look at the color of the ocean!! It's so BLUE!!! I was almost tempted to just jump over the cliff and meet the blue waves below. Haha!

See!! You see what I see!! So BLUE!!!
Yeahh.. I guess after much  ohhhhing and aahhingg.. the hunger pang in my stomach finally started to sink in. What better to end my trip to heaven on earth than by eating Indonesian's most favorite dish ~ IndoMie! And also because I'm a cheapskate. So. 

Fried IndoMie!!! Muahaha
After having our breakfast fill, we finally headed to Jember to attend the prestigious International Fashion Carnival. That will be on my next post. *hopefully* =P

Till then, happy traveling!


yusenze said... [Reply]

Aku jarang main komen2 ni.. Tapi rahsia dah terbongkar. Takpe.. kahh2.. No more secret..;)

Very captivating sceneries. Especially from the top view. But quite disappointed coz i can't see the most rare one. Random #2. hahhaha..

Waiting for the next post..

Henry Lee said... [Reply]

wow! this is really haven weih! :D

Alid Abdul said... [Reply]

Eeh what time you post this? eleh I'm not the first >__<

Been there many times, at first is amazing but the third times hehehe,,, so so lah :)

Totally worth to visit :)

Ramble and Wander said... [Reply]

Okay, I'm not one for a beach holiday but the scenery from the last 3 photos before that of indomie looks really inviting. Memang lawa!

thatsofarah said... [Reply]

No wonder semua orang suruh pergi Papuma Beach. Boleh camping kat dalam pulau tu kan?

Unknown said... [Reply]

Wow leh tahan cantik tempat ni, view mcm ni mengingatkan aku Byron Bay kat oz..omaiiii

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ yusenze ...hahaha. amboi! boleh tengok sendiri kan? look at the mirror contohnya =P

@ henry lee ... hoilla org kampung! sabah bnyk jugak tempat cantik tapi MAHAL!! *sobs!

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ alid abdul.. the night before you commented. I think u were out some where during that time. hehe.

tapi... tapi.. bisa buat mcm2 aktivitas di sini!! mandi laut! memancing! main ATV! camping! mcm2!

@ RAW... makasih pakcik. bukan sng dpt komen dr sorang pakcik like urself on my blog. hahaha

@ thatsofarah... pergi farahh!! rasa mau paragliding di sini jugak. hahaha.

camping dlm RP70,000 satu khemah rasanya.. berbaloi! tiada nyamuk! nyaman! hehe

@ chawanna... betul na. terasa macam di OZ. lepas gi GOR baru perasan persamaannya! hehe

kak ina kl said... [Reply]

amboi ashik travel ajer ek

hlga said... [Reply]

buset lah sampe tidur di pinggir pantai gitu.
untung aja gak masuk angin tuh

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ kak ina kl.. dah jadi hobi kak. dan gaya hidup =P

@ hel.. memang buset la hel. hahaha.

fanny fristhika nila said... [Reply]

i'm not a type of person who likes beach actually ;p But, the pics of papuma beach of yours really make me holding my breath and say, aggghhhhh that's so blue and breathtaking ;)