Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sipping Hot Chocolate on the Great Ocean Road

Hot Chocolate anyone?
It was cloudy that day I joined a group tour to explore Great Ocean Road. I joined it by signing up at the Tourist Information Center near Federation Square in Melbourne city center.  Paid a hefty AUD 120 for the tour on Friday (the day after tomorrow) and waited at one of their pick-up points at 7:30 am!

This marks my very first time joining a group tour alone. Alone among strangers which I hoped against all odds would be friendly and welcoming. Imagine stuck on a bus with 19 odd people. They'll be talking among themselves, while I'll be sitting at one corner, alone with my thoughts.

I'm a shy person. I don't talk much. A stranger asks me a question, I might just answer yes or no. So I got worried. Haha.

"Will there be a person to help take my pictures?"
"Will there be strange questions regarding me traveling alone? Or perhaps asking about my hijab"
"Will there be some-one accompanying me during the walks, lunching, toilet breaks?"

And most importantly, "Will they forget me if I suddenly wasn't on the bus?"

I didn't want to be the odd person out and eventually thought of renting a car to do GOR alone, just to avoid these awkward moments. But I braved myself and went on with it. 

On the 20 seater bus, there were several others which the tour guide chirpily introduced to all of us. She was holding a clipboard with our names on it and calling out to everyone. Woo Hoo! There were an American family on their Autumn school holiday, a couple from India who lives and works in Sydney, an elderly couple also from USA, a father and son couple from France, a solo, cutey girl from Japan, another solo, but elderly woman from Southern India and then there's lill shy me. The only muslim on the bus. ^___^

I eyed the Japanese girl sitting in front of me. Her with her adorable outfit, ponytails at each side of her head and super bright pink DSLR. OK, I told myself, she'll definitely be my friend by the end of the day! Thankfully the mini bus had a row of single seats on the left and seats in pairs on the right. 

And so the journey continues with the tour guide cheerfully talking onto the portable microphone attached to her head. Making me sitting back and relax... as the sun rose higher in the horizon.

8:16 am and to Great Ocean Road we go! *music playing in the background*

***to be continued***

Ps: damn I miss storytelling. muahahahaha! 


agip roslan said... [Reply]

haha..part who's gonna take my picture tu..kena pose duck face sambil angkat kamera tinggi2. hehe

Wilson Ng said... [Reply]

i would love to do the same thing too. hot choc!

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ agip roslan.. kalaulah aku cantik dan comel boleh lepas buat duck face tu gip.. hahaha. so tak buat la =P

@ wilson... hahaha. next time bring your son along to GOR :)

Alid Abdul said... [Reply]

Eh only this??? cisss waiting for long post -_- peminat kecewa

mie said... [Reply]

to be continue?
we want more..

Debbzie Leksono said... [Reply]

Been to Aussie but didn't make it to Great Ocean Road :(
I think sometimes it's fun to join a group tour because I've gained quite number of new friends from the tour :D

Wahidah said... [Reply]

tgk blog jard ni jealous gile..sbb wai jauh gile ke belakang..hahaha...sabahan eik..i like..sbb wai skrng dh jadi sabahan celup la..i love borneo..n i love labuan especially..:)