Monday, November 18, 2013

Preparing for my Winter Sonata Trip 2013

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been preparing mentally and financially for this winter trip. This means taking extra workload (part-time jobs), selling off personal things on the net and researching for the cheapest itinerary possible.

The thing is... I'll be going during winter and I don't have the proper attire to withstand such cold weather. LOL. And so bit by bit, I'm buying things needed for this : heattach clothing from Uniqlo (the fleece, turtle-neck t-shirts are being sold at RM39.90 per piece), leather boots (Jusco is having a winter sale. Hiks), gloves (found at Sogo selling for RM9.90 each!), and a reliable down jacket (still looking for the cheapest one). Hopefully money invested in these will be re-used for my future hiking trips which might involve more snow. =P

So Jard, where are you heading to this December?

Lemme drop you a small hint in form of a picture. :D

Eiffel, I'm in love! #eh (pic taken from google search)
Oh, and why so quiet on twitter? Well... that's quite a complicated question. Haha! Currently having an intense feeling of deep affection for a certain some-one. Wakakaka! So am better off from twitter, else I'll be annoying a whole bunch of followers by my corny tweets. *ahh, jadi malu* Until of course, I'm able to neutralize this feeling. =P

Lastly, I wanna share this inspirational quote I found online.

Be crazy.
Be stupid.
Be silly.
Be weird.
Be whatever...
Because LIFE is too short to be anything but... HAPPY! Happy traveling tweeps! :)


Masy said... [Reply]

untong laaaaaa

Alid Abdul said... [Reply]

gubrag, short post -_-
acie cie jatuh cinta kau rupanya, cepatlah kahwin kau mak cik :p

Ramble and Wander said... [Reply]

Untung la boleh pergi Paris...
Untung la ada "intense feeling of deep affection for a certain some-one"...

Okay, bye! Haha!

agip roslan said... [Reply]

cool. winter in paris!..sgt LV trip ko neh. hehehe

syieda said... [Reply]

Bila date nya jard?

Nota Kembara said... [Reply]

enjoyyyyyyy! tak pernah lagi pegang salji. sob3

Ruggedmom com said... [Reply]

carik kat bundle lor. Dah kaya nanti baru beli kat LV boutique

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I spotted 'ayat tak boleh blah' in your blog entry this time around

"Currently having an intense feeling of deep affection for a certain some-one"

My immediate respond : LOL! said... [Reply]

Wow,pengen banget ikutnih he..he..

Julia Mahir said... [Reply]

Omaiiiii jelesnyeerrrr!

Julia Mahir said... [Reply]

Omaiiii jelesnyee! Nak gak ber-romantik2 kat Kota Romantik.