Monday, May 5, 2014

8 Things I'll Miss About LCCT : A Tribute

LCCT - Low Cost Carrier Terminal will officially end its operations on the 9th of May 2014. Moving all its operations to the newly built KLIA2 which I have yet to experience. I might have a taste of it, the soonest this Saturday *coughs*.

After my plane AK 5115 landed yesterday (4th May 2014) afternoon at 1:45pm, on LCCT's runway from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, a rush of tears evaded my eyelids. My younger sister who was flying with me rolled her eyes and scolded me for being too emotional. Hahaha! She didn't know that currently at the moment, I was revisiting all the fond memories I had of LCCT during all my recent trips, both local and international in my mind. It came in flashes of emotions. It's no secret that I've been frequently flying with AirAsia since the beginning of time. Well, since the time LCCT didn't have running belts for the luggage at least. :p

So before I shed another tear reminiscing my time at LCCT, let me share my top 8 memories of it. :)

1. Sleeping at the airport 

Super cheap flights always meant super early morning flights. Finding the perfect spot to stay a night in the airport was pretty crucial to me. I once thought of bringing a super light, fold-able mattress and sleep any spot in the airport but that was too awkward. So I stayed here. It is situated near the international arrival hall.

I was never fooled by the operational times. Almost all of the times, the surau is found unlocked. Hikksss.
2. Another nap before take-off? Ha ha

So maybe I didn't sleep well on the cold floors of the surau. Then I'd steal a second nap here while waiting for my boarding time. A long chair all by myself! I can even stretch my legs on it. This favorite napping spot of mine is situated right after the passport and bags checkpoint. 

Yeahh.. look at those cushioned long seats!! My second napping spot. 
3. Taking a Bath

This might be the most crucial thing before flying off to a foreign land. I might have reached the airport by 11pm and already saved a sleeping spot, but if my flight tomorrow is a little later than 8 am, I might have to bath first thing in the morning. Thus this will be my third favorite spot in the airport. The free public showers. Spacious and clean enough to place my luggage in it.

There is no other airport in the world (that I've been to) that has this. Love! Love! Love!
4. Another sleeping spot?

OK, what the hell Jard? Is that all you do in the airport? Just sleep? Unfortunately this mushollah located near the bus station outside is sometimes found locked during the night. I was only able to sleep in it once or twice while I was there. haha. This happens when I reached the airport very late at night or early morning and there was no more buses to KL city center. Thus I'd go in here to sleep and catch a bus tomorrow morning.

Spacious and functional but locked during night time. 
5. The nearby ATMS just outside International Arrival Hall

Almost all the time, I'd be coming back to Kuala Lumpur broke after a long week abroad and this sight pretty much brightens up my day... I meant my wallet at least. Strategically located right outside the arrival hall and the first thing I see once I get out. 

Yeah baby! Show me the money! 
6. Mineral Water for RM1.50

It has become a habit of mine that I'd bring an empty small mineral water bottle to pass the customs so that I'd refill it later in the waiting hall. And if I was unable to bring one from home, I'd opt to buy these ones instead. No airport in the world sells super cheap mineral water as the ones being sold at LCCT Emporium. RM1.50! *pssstt.. they sell it for RM3 on the plane.

Thank you for selling it cheap!! Muahh!
7. The bus wars : Aerobus VS Skybus

I have always preferred Aerobus for their timely departures and also a cheaper option compared to the other operator. But once in a while I'd be amused watching the operators for both of these buses trying to steal customers from one another. I wonder how much would the new bus fare be for KLIA2? Hopefully not more than RM10. Uhukss.. 

Yellow VS Red. 
8. Food, food and more food

I'm always spoilt with choices when it comes to eating at LCCT. I could choose to dine in their food court just outside the building for a cheaper option or just pick a meal n the huge McDonald's. I haven't tried half of the eateries found in the airport but rest assured, it caters to every type of taste buds!

A small donut stall just outside the airport.
I love that there are many food stalls like the one in the picture above where you can just pack up your food and bring it onto the airplane to avoid buying the overpriced food there. (Opps)  But, I still prebook my meals on-board especially during long flights. :)

So that's pretty much it, please share your LCCT moments too..... good bye LCCT!!! You'll be forever remembered in my heart. 

And hello KLIA2! Uhukss! *halfheartedly*


Alid Abdul said... [Reply]

Oh my, I know LCCT more than airport in my nearest city hahaha... can you find sleeping spot in KLIA2 for reference hahaha

Khai said... [Reply]

I had the same feeling during my trip to Kuching recently. Sedih sebab tau tu last naik and turun kat LCCT :')

Khai said... [Reply]

I had the same feeling during my trip to Kuching recently. Sedih sebab tau tu last naik and turun kat LCCT :')

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ alid abdul.. amboiii!! hahaha. ok will try! tapi kan kamu lama lagi mau datang KL. tahun dpn baru mau ke sini kan? kan? :p

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ khai... same here. huhuhu.

Unknown said... [Reply]

The 3 things I'll miss about LCCT

1) Having to decide between McD and Marrybrown. I have a soft spot for Marrybrown, or maybe I support the underdogs. :P

2) Mastering the path to the terminals intended at the shortest time. I just know which terminal to go and walk like a boss

3) Bus from KL Sentral to LCCT.
It's always fun to take an hour ride to LCCT, knowing that vacay is up ahead.

Other than that, I think I'm ready for KLIA2. Last visit to LCCT was in mid April LOL

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ ivan chan.. hahahaha. never tried marrybrown before. Now I menyesal tak cuba!!

thanks for sharing yours. :)