Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Unnamed Hill in Danau Singkarak

I'm still in the post-travel depression mode. Haha.

I was asked an interesting question during my most recent to Indonesia. I was asked which place in Indonesia that I've visited has moved me the most? The one place that gave me the deepest, long lasting impression (what-ever that means. Haha!) My first answer was Papuma Beach but after finishing my West Sumatera trip, I suddenly had a change of heart. :)

I flew to Padang without any itinerary in mind. Accommodation was settled and I was open to anything my Indonesians friends had in mind. This time, my friend from Palembang, Siti Nur was joining me.

Fast forward to the end of our third day there....

After an early ride to Kelok 44 (started our day at 4am in the morning!)...
... from there to Puncak Lawang.....
... and then to Danau Maninjau Jam Gadang at Bukittinggi
... to Ngarai Sianok..
... to Istana Pagaruyuang...
... and ended our roadtrip at Danau Singkarak to enjoy a sunset.

The funny thing about this spot we have chosen is that there's no permanent trail to get there. Yayan (our host in Padang) had specifically researched this place and there was only one other group who has been here. We would be the second group. :P

A no man's land. We were attempting to climb this small hill to view sunset over Singkarak Lake.
Yayan had to ask at a road side stall selling noodle cups on where to start the climb. Later he led us the way, followed by me, then Siti Nur and last by Syahrial (Yayan's friend).

Once in awhile, he'd point out into a distance and say, "That's Gunung Singgalang!". It's a wonder that he could recognize and name every mountain within sight.

 "That's Gunung Singgalang!"
There was no trail to get up but we found some crooked long grass left by the last group and followed it up. Stepping on rocks, pebbles and crooked grass, we finally reached the top. The grass was pretty sharp, cutting my fingers as I parted it to get through.

And for what?

For this. :)

It felt we were on the top of the world. The view of the whole lake was right in front of us.
We squatted on the grass and waited. Cam-whoring and munching on food while waiting for the sun to come down.
These people are never out of stories to share. Ngobrol2 terusss!
Eh.. hold on!!! You said what? Cam-whoring?
Yes we did. :P
Hidden among the long grass.
It felt so nice just laying there, doing nothing at all. After all, it wasn't an easy hike. 

And then minutes passed. Skies changed colors and we get to observe one of the most beautiful occurrence on earth, the sunset.
Since there were no visible path to get down, we started to descend before the sun rays were completely gone from the sky. We wouldn't want to tumble down the hill with broken ribs, now do we?

My silhouette. 

Sunset at Danau Singkarak. Total  awesomeness! 
Later when we were safe and sound in the car that we rented, I asked Yayan what was the name of the hill we just hiked. He replied he doesn't know. So we were all enthused by this finding and decided to name it Yayan's Hill. Haha!

Good bye Danau Singkarak.
We headed back to Padang via Solok. Another 3 or so hours of driving before we had dinner of Sate Padang in Yayan's grandparents' hometown. :)

I'll try to blog more about this trip in the future. But I had to blog about this sunset experience first because it kept occupying my mind since late! The other unforgettable spot is Sarasah Waterfalls! Maybe on my next post. 

Safe travel peeps and happy traveling! 


Zilla said... [Reply]

jalan2 terus ye, Jard..jeles gue :D

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ zilla... elehh.. kamu jugak kan? hehehe