Thursday, September 25, 2014

Russian Embassy in Malaysia : What You Should Know

Thinking of heading to Russia? Well, to do that you must apply for a visa and it could be tricky. After three times visiting the Russian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur to process my visa and observing many applicants there, here are some "important"  things that you need to know.

The Russian Embassy is located on Ampang wont get into this gate. There'll be a door on the right side where you have to queue outside in the sun.

 1. The official website is not updated. They say it takes 5 working days to process your visa. It's not accurate. Do stop by at the embassy to find out yourself. Prices there have also changed.

note: Mine was for a double entry. On the website, it says 5 days to process and costs RM210. It actually took 10 working days and costs RM262. You'll be given a slip like the one below once your application is accepted.

Do not glue this slip on anything when collecting your passport.

2. The embassy opens THREE times a week : Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Opening hours are from 9:30am to 1:00pm. I actually went there at 9:00am as you have to line up in front of their door before entering. Wednesdays has the less number of visitors. :)

3. Once you line up, the guards who controls the entrance door only lets FIVE people inside at a time. So be prepared to wait under the scorching sun before allowed entrance. :P

4. You can fill in your downloaded visa application form before coming to the embassy for submission. Fill the form completely and GLUE your passport picture on your form (they will try to pull your picture out to see if it sticks!) or you'll be asked to redo your form and do a lot of waiting... again.

5. If you look remotely Russian (Caucasian always gets in without queuing), the guards will let you in if you knock the door asking to enter.

6. Your application form should have these documents attached.
  • your passport with 6 month validity 
  • a passport-sized picture (background colored white or blue is not an issue)
  • Invitation letter (important! Else your application will be rejected!)
  • other documents as deemed necessary (flight tickets, hotel bookings paid in advance.. etc)
  • remember, the Consulate may request some extra documentation if it’s considered necessary.
7. If you are a foreigner or an expat, do not believe the website on the processing time. Do expect to submit your application at least three weeks before your trip to avoid disappointment. Unless if you know how to speak Russian, they will expedite your application faster.  (Met an European guy who could speak Russian, he successfully had his visa processed from two weeks to just two days. And on another occasion, saw this |American guy who was refused the same request. LOL)

Forewarned : Once inside and your documents checked by an Indian lady, you'll be given a number. The windows of the inside counter is not see-through. You can't see who you'd be talking to!!! LOL
8. Good luck!! And welcome to Russia!!

How to get there:
By car : There's no parking there. Closest FREE parking space is across the road, in front of a bank. (forgot the name)

By public transport : Could be reached from Ampang Park LRT Station, and from the front of the PNB/Tabung Haji building, you can easily catch a taxi to the embassy. Metered Taxi costs around RM4-5 one way. 



Alid Abdul said... [Reply]

Goodluck Jard

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ alid... sudah dapat visa om alid ^___^

tinggal berangkat aja

ruggedmom said... [Reply]

kalau couchsurfing kan takde booking voucer so how?

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ ruggedmom.. boleh dapatkan invitation letter yg berbayar di sini --->>

syieda said... [Reply]

Omaiii invitation letter tuh camana?

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ syieda... tu.. jawapan ada dalam komen ku sebelum komen mu di atas. :p

hcvvorld of Travels, Lifestyle and Photography said... [Reply]

veryyy useful information!
lessons' learnt looks and languages will always help and at times not money..hehe..enjoy Russia!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Assalamualaikum, helloo..
i found your blog while searching about okinawa and makuhari messe .

my name is Ziwa, I was studying in USM before, right now working in Dubai,
well, let's be travelmate to Russia:D

btw,nice blog !!

Mohd Nasri said... [Reply]

uii...jalan2 russia ni...haha
bawak balik salji sikit. :P

Devi da Lil' DeviL said... [Reply]

very informative and keep inspiring people! :)

Unknown said... [Reply]

Thanks for for the tips!! Will remember this when we are planning to go to Russia.

Btw kami 3 sekawan baru je launch travel blog. 1st entry kami psl backpacking di New Zealand. Kalau ada masa, singgahla, boleh tinggalkan komen dan feedback ;) kalau dpt exchange link pun ok. Hehe

Terima kasih!

Ramble and Wander said... [Reply]

Bila nak update blog ni, kak Jard? Hari tu naik Vietnam Airways kan?

Hanis Amanina said... [Reply]

woahh :) thank you clearkan tntg steps nak apply visa ni. plan nak pergi russia jugak tapi sy tak dapat nak apply dari malaysia. doakan sy dapat settlekan visa yep :D