Tuesday, November 4, 2014

To Moscow With Love

We have 24 hours per day and still people complain that they don't have enough time. But for me, I'll always find time to travel.But it gets annoying sometimes when people say it's because I have a lot of money when the reality is far from that.

All you have to do to travel are cutting costs and SAVE, SAVE and SAVE!

So it just happens.. that on the historic day, 21st of April 2014, which miraculously coincides with me receiving my salary and also "tunggakan dari Januari" for the increment in salary, that there was a Vietnam Airlines Sale on all international flights. There were flights to Paris, Amsterdam, Munich, Moscow.. etc for rates under RM2,000!!

Say what?? Return flight tickets to Moscow for RM1,948.00??!!! I almost screamed in delirium. And many finger-tapping-on-keyboard moments later, I secured the tickets.

One month salary....swooooshhhh! Down the drain. Just like that! Days after the thoughtless purchase  resulted in me going out less and going hungry most of the time. I even resorted in borrowing my sister's scholarship money just to buy some much needed home essentials. Hahaha!

***fast forward to 26th September 2014***

My backpack was packed and ready to go. I printed all my train, bus, cruise, and flight tickets and would be heading to the airport right after work. It was just two weeks earlier that I was discharged from the hospital for acute eczema, and on that traveling day, without healing properly, I was going to be traveling again. My fingers and feet were wrapped with medicated bandages but I was determined to fly by hook or by crook. All those months of planning wasn't going to waste just like that. So Moscow here I come, sick girl goes traveling!

Praise to god, weather in Moscow has been good to me!  
OK... managed to write only a few paragraphs to update my pathetic blog. Hehe. Will try to update more, especially that part where I had to sleep at Hanoi's airport and waking up all alone in the departure hall!!

Till then, happy traveling! :)


pixbyhadi said... [Reply]

nice. i wish i could be more spontaneous like you.

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ suffian... it has it's consequences. hahaha. they say due to my bad diet.. my eczema came with a vengeance. :P

Citra Rahman said... [Reply]

Dalam setahun dapat cuti berapa tahun sih, Jard?

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

# citra... dalam 30 hari. hik hik hik

syieda said... [Reply]

Alololololo lo. .jeles la tengok gambar niiiiiii. ..

Anis Azalea said... [Reply]

Serious jealous

Zilla said... [Reply]

Jard, pedulilah orang kata..kalau org kata kita ne kerja petik duit pun, ngaku ajelah hahaha!

hanya kita aje yang tahu realiti nya macam mana...baju pun pakai yang bundle aje hihihi...

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ syieda... allaaa.. kenapa mau jeles!! ur travels tak kurang hebatnya. hehe

@ anis... u can do it too!! chaiyokk!!

@ zilla... tulah. next time mau ngaku la. tp kang diorg minta aku sponsor diorg pergi travel cemmana? hehehe

Unknown said... [Reply]

It gets annoying kan sometimes. Tapi like Zilla said akun jaklah apa diorang assume. Hopefully uve recovered from the eczema. Mau baca tu cerita waking up alone in the departure hall!

Mas Light said... [Reply]

U crazy woman. But seriously ur ticket price is such a bargain. Do share your trip plans, if u dun mind. Would wanna plan a budget trip there too.

Farikica said... [Reply]

Jard....u r so so so lucky... sudah sampai Moscow kamu??? Dengki neh...😜... wanna hear the full details later.... anyway, how r u? Sihat sudah?

BUDY JULLIANTO said... [Reply]

Duh, kapan ya bisa menginjakan kaki ke Moscow juga ;((

Salam www.travellingaddict.com

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ bibie... hehe. am gonna post that today..

@ maslight... shared already in full itinerary. :p

@ farikiza... alhamdulillah dah sihat.. hopefully it stays that way. wkwkwkw

@ budy... ku doain aja. semoga kamuhhh sampaii!!!