Monday, January 19, 2015

Trekking to Rainbow Waterfall, Sg Lembing, Pahang

My traveling partner in crime to Sg Lembing has blogged about our trip here...

Zilla booked a night at the famous Time Capsule Hotel in Sg Lembing and advertised on her facebook wall, looking for a travelmate to share the room. I immediately messaged her, telling her I wanted to join! Hahaha!

And so off we went to Sg Lembing. Me, from Kuala Lumpur while Zilla was coming from somewhere in Pahang. The best thing I liked about Zilla is that she likes using the public transportation as much as I do. It's an adventurous trait that I  find it rare among Malaysians

Trekking to Rainbow Waterfall is an easy task. You could easily book at any homestay/hotel/hostel operators in Sg Lembing. There are an abundance of them. If you ask any locals there, they'd surely direct you to the correct person. Zilla and I just booked the trip for RM40 (transport, maggi cup, guide) with our hotel.

The trip starts as early as 5:30am. A 4WD will pick us up from the hotel and send us to have breakfast (self-paid) in Sg Tembeling town. A mosque is a walking distance away, where Zilla and I did our prayers. It was around 6:35am that we headed to the waterfalls area... with 12 other people.

The 4WD drive through mud and lush rainforest. Picture taken from Zilla's blog
I'm not sure how long we were on that bumpy ride to the waterfalls. More than an hour perhaps? All I remembered as we were seated at the back, was the jumping all over the place and us holding tightly to the rails around us. Some might say it was impossible, but I did however got some eye-shut. Hehehe.

One thing I regretted however... was not bringing extra clothing. I didn't plan to bath though, but I didn't imagine having to get through a knee-deep river to get there! My pants got wet!! Thankfully the operator lent us rubber shoes for the trekking, else my shoes would be wet too! *drama*

Everyone diligently followed the rope. Not one went astray! Thus the "traffic jam".
\It took about 30 to 50 minutes to get to the falls. I didn't think it difficult even-though we had to pass slippery rocks and hiked up hill to get there.  Some of the visitors even wore slippers to get there! I guess they are confident with the trek.
We came upon a very tall waterfall. A rainbow is yet to show itself when we reached it. 
And minutes later after taking our spots around the waterfall... a rainbow magically appeared above us.. near the foot of the waterfall! The sun was shining directly opposite it to give it the perfect reflection.

At last a waterfall!
Oh and where was Zilla when this happened? I looked around to look for her and there she was... in a world of her own with her handy DSLR. Perched somewhere above me. 

Hoilla Zilla!!! 
The trip to the rainbow waterfall was not complete without a cup of hot noodles and hot Milo... cooked with the water from the waterfall itself!

Nyumm... nyummm... 
Even-though I didn't dip in the waterfalls, but to witness a waterfall emerging slowly from the falling pelts of water as the sun rose high above was a magical moment! I heard gasps all around me as the waterfall emerged. Everyone was spell-bounded.  As was I.

Zilla and I headed down hill after having our fill of maggi cup and people bathing under the waterfall. We were happy to get to visit one of those beautiful nature spots in Malaysia that is still intact and well-maintained (no rubbish was seen!).

Hope it stays that way. :)

Down Zilla goes!
It's a good thing to have guides to this place as it would be their responsibility to not only keep us safe but to keep the environment CLEAN!! So RM40 is hellya a good price!

As a self reminder and also to those reading this.... please! PLEASE always keep our nature clean! Remember to leave only footprints and take all your rubbish with you! *pesanan penaja*

Hopefully... next time I go here.. it will stay the same. :)

We reached our hotel at around 12pm.. in time to pack our stuff and check-out. I'm definitely thinking of coming back here.. next time to check out the sunrise at Panaroma Hill. InsyaAllah.

Happy traveling in Malaysia peeps!! Lots of beautiful places here yet to explore! :)


Hanis Amanina said... [Reply]

will put this in my wishlist. :D orang kl pun sampai ohhh.

Budak Letrik said... [Reply]

Sorry, Sungai Lembing in Perak ?

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ hanis... yes pls go!! orang KL siapa? aku org sabah la! hehehe

@ hazwan.. thanks for pointing that out.. it's suppose to be in Pahang :P

OPPSSS!! *malu*

Zilla said... [Reply]

haila Jard, ada juga gambar aku ekk walau stok gambar2 curi hehehe...

* jom p gunung daik bercabang tiga...

AjlaA said... [Reply]

dah masuk dlm wishlist sejak terbaca post zilla hari tuh. hehe. thanks for sharing :)

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ zilla... jom!!!

@ ajlaa... hehehe. good thing i get to join her.

Unknown said... [Reply]

Hello..sorry for asking.. Can i know contact number of rainbow waterfall package that you said amounted RM 40 right?

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ Muhammad Irsyad ... hey.. it was in 2015. I believe prices might have changed. We got the package directly from the hotel/accommodations. they will help arrange for you