Monday, December 7, 2015

Being Festively Special at The Majestic Hotel

Christmas is coming and more and more people are looking for places to dine and treat a special some-one during those festive nights. Set amidst the Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur's refined historical atmosphere, any dining experience would definitely be unforgettable. I've experienced first hand how attentive the hotel's team are to details during my stay there last year and they have successfully demonstrated an all-out effort to ensure that every guest (including the lill ones) content and happy!

Luckily, I was again, able to enjoy a special experience there. I was invited to join a Sampling of Festive Cheer Menu event held at Colonial Cafe, Level 1 of the Majestic Hotel last Friday night. They let me bring another person and so knowing that my younger sister was begging to bring her to some place exclusive, I decided to bring her along.

Love the design on this !
It is learnt that every year the hotel creates merriment that captures the enchantment and tradition of Christmas and New Year the Majestic Way. They'll create dining experiences that lets guests eat, drink and be joyous with the carefully crafted Christmas inspired menus, live music from renowned musicians and fine wines (which I don't drink. Hehe.)

Among the Starter, Soup and Mains.
During that particular event, I was caught in a dreadful traffic while getting there on time. It seemed that there were three or four events being held at the hotel simultaneously thus causing a full car park. I had to park my car near the national mosque and my sister and I walked to the hotel.

Even as I was seated at the dining area, the staff looked genuinely worried that I had to park so far away. But I comforted them saying that I was used to walking long walks. Well, I am a traveler. Hehe.  They soon arranged to have my car taken by their staff and brought to the hotel to my pleasure. Oh my! Thank-you so much!  

The evening continued with guests being served the five-course Christmas Dinner Menu. It started  with a dish called Wood Smoke Infused Blue Mussell, Scallop and Salmon Avocado Puree. Below were some pictures I've managed to take before it all got gobbled up. 

My sister was especially ecstatic about the whole dining experience and simply loved the decor and food! It was amusing watching her struggling to learn how to use the many forks and knives on her table. I had to teach her that when dining in such a place, we had to start using the cutlery from the outer side and move inwards for each dish. It was called social etiquette. Another thing to note was that you can't make any clashing sound between your spoons/forks with the plates.

"I feel I don't belong here," says my younger sister.
"Don't sweat it beb. Once you know the rules, you'll be more confident, Hahaha!" I told her. I enjoyed bullying her.  

The magical evening ended with a Christmas Pudding served with vanilla sauce and white chocolate ice cream and a dish of homemade Christmas Cookies and Chocolates to my sister's delight. :)
Merry Christmas everybody and have a joyous new year! 

So care to treat you loved ones to a culinary indulgence in a classical setting? Search no further. Colonial Cafe presents this special 5-course (wine-paired) menu where guests can indulge in classic festive cuisine such as Lamb Loin Au Gratin, Grilled Barramundi Fillet, traditional Roast turkey and more. This Christmas Eve Dinner menu is priced at RM280 nett per person or RM320 nett per person with wine pairing and Christmas Day menu is priced at RM220 nett per person or RM320 nett per person with wine pairing. Additionally, Colonial Cafe's New year's Eve Dinner menu is priced at RM350 nett per person or RM480 nett per person with wine pairing. 

Treat your love-ones this festive season soon! 

For more information and reservations, please call +603 27858 000.

Tidbit on Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur:

Fully restored to its former clory, this elegant property which dates back to the 1930s, is an art deco monument that blends history with world-class hospitality. Dining options include Haivanese favorites at the Colonial Cafe or an interactive dining experience at Contago, while the rooms are a blend of contemporary style and old world elegance.


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