Tuesday, November 24, 2015

In and About #TBM2015 - Travel Bloggers Meetup 2015

Four travelers were invited to become panelists for this year's Travel Bloggers Meetup hosted by Sedunia Travel and the theme was 6 Degrees of Travel. Each person were to share their travel connections and experiences to the floor as they are given questions from the attendees. Topics varied from how to meet the locals to how to structure a travel itinerary. A perfect summary of the event can be read here, written by panelist Ms. Anis Ibrahim. A freelance writer who loves open spaces and could walk for miles and miles just because she loves it. Hehe. Other panelists were pakcik RAW of Ramble and Wander, Menk of Routexplorers and Zarah of Jardness.com.. (oppsss.. she sounds highly familiar, ermm...), each of them are seasoned travelers (except the last person).

I love the painting at the back! Here's a picture of all four panelists for that day. From the left - Menk, RAW, Anis and the one who shouldn't be there. :P
I will not blog more on what the speakers has shared during the event, but will blog more on who and what was going on throughout the event through Instagram pictures posted by the attendees. There was an Instagram contest going on with the hashtag #TBM2015 and these were some of the pictures shared.

Here's TBM2015 via Instagram Pictures. Thanks to those who posted 'em.

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The meetup was held in Calavera. A cozy place with eccentric decor.

And here is one of the attendees who was gleeful with the contents of the goody-bag given out by Sedunia Travel. And there's even a cute 2016 calendar with awesome travel pictures!

While others chatted away with other travel bloggers, some started right away with the contest and made use with the decors found in the cafe. This huge banner is a statement!

A photo posted by H A R I · 🌏 KL, MYS (@thestreetshutter) on

I especially loved the photos taken by #TheStreetShutter, a very talented portrait photographer, so am posting two of them. Maybe because both of them has me in it. Hehehe.

A photo posted by H A R I · 🌏 KL, MYS (@thestreetshutter) on

Oh, must not forget the food!! Here's a picture posted by Sedunia Travel themselves... and the people who came.

A photo posted by Sedunia Travel (@seduniatravel) on

After the Q &  A session ended... some of the us took pictures with the panelists or famous bloggers who attended. Hey there's Afif  from #TravelMyWay - winner of Best Travel Blog 2014!

After doing some mingling myself, I had to take an early leave as I had a plane to catch and I haven't packed yet. Thanks all who attended this yearly meetup and hope to see them again next year!!! 

Kudos to Sedunia Travel for hosting the 4th meetup this year and it just gets getting better and better after each year! Bigger crowds and even funner activities!

 Though it was truly a shame that we didn't take that group photo! Ahhh... maybe next year, right? Something to look forward to. :)

Signing out. Goodbye.
Jard, who seldom updates her blog. :P


Henry Lee said... [Reply]

Oh i got that invitation too but I didn't have time to attend. Looks like a pretty good meet up! :)

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ henry lee.. aww too bad. it certainly was! But I think I need to polish my social skills. hahaha.

Ramble and Wander said... [Reply]

Waaah dah pandai embed IG photos! Hahaha! Anyways, patut la cabut awal. We were looking for you nak ambil group photo.

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ pakcik RAW... ah my bad. Hehehe. Hopefully there's a next time.

Perempuan Backpacker said... [Reply]

Thank you for featuring my IG ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ perempuan backpacker... my pleasure. :)

Malaysia Backpackers said... [Reply]

Rasa macam rugi tak bergambar dengan semua travel blogger and panel hehee. Makluma bila jumpa masing cerita their own experience even I pun mcm tu hahaha. Hopefully next sempat lah nak mingle dengan semua orang :)

Time Traveller said... [Reply]

waaa best nyer event macam ni .. awesome sgt .. dpt jumpa ramai blogger and dpt share experience huhuhuuu..

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ malaysia backpackers... heheeh.. kekadang ada org tu malu nk bergambar sama.

@ time traveller... wahh.. best travel blogger 2014 datang komen blog akuuu.. terharuuu.. hehehehe

Helga said... [Reply]

haaaaalooooo speaker! :p

bang rusli macam makin kurus aja ya :o
kapan kita jumpa lagi kak? :(

Ramble and Wander said... [Reply]

Ya, Helga. Mungkin sebab rindu sama kamu, haha!