Wednesday, May 18, 2016

My Hiking Buddies : An Introduction

Before I share the "horrors" of travelling with a girl named Jard with all her faults and sometimes carefree approach to handling things, let me first introduce the "victims" of having to endure me throughout the trip.

Let's begin with the brainchild of the Three Mountains Trip (itinerary shared in next post), also the organizer, planner, "go-go", the person whom her hiking comrades' relatives have to contact if something goes terribly wrong (thankfully nothing did!) and lastly, feared to be half-boy, half girl of Sabahan background...... *drum rolls*...


Oh gosh.. I look more like a BIKER than a HIKER. HAHAHA! 
 The second person on the introductory list would be Azmie also known as Jimi. I first met him during my hiking trip to Kerinci Mountain of Sumatera sometime last year so I know how he rolls. Azmie, as the oldest among the men (and also the only person married among us), has been the wise one in the group. He has been like a "big brother" to us all, looking out for all of us, making sure we were all OK and leaving no-one behind. It also came to a surprise that he's a good cook too! Hahaha.

He hails from Melaka! Let's give it up to JIMI!

Oppa Jimi! 
Then we have Jimi's best buddy, Shafiq with us and it turns out they are colleagues at the same company (some oil and gas related one.. ehemm). Shafiq is well known for his wise crackups that eventually became a relentless mantra among us to make fun of him such us  "nubis-kubis" and "memandai-mandai", He is also frequently bullied for his "potbelly".. ehhh *larikkk*

In the end, he has became a hero among us for being known as the guy WHO SUCCESSFULLY cooked rice when others failed before him!

Proud Johorean... here's Shafiiq!!!

Shafiq.. the "nubis-kubis" of the group with the joker smile. :P
The fourth person on the list is Arshad, which I first met during my hike to Rinjani Mountain of Lombok. He happens to be the cousin of another famous female travel blogger named Zilla of, who was also on that Rinjani trip. I admirably have to say that his cousin is still actively updating her blog compared to me. Haha.

Arshad has always been athletic and loves to speed off during our Rinjani Trip, leaving Zilla and me far behind. But surprisingly, during this trip, he heroically became the sweeper. As in being the last guy to reach the peak because busy cheering-on the slowest person. How sweet, right?

Sweeper in the making, give him a round of applause, Arshad!!
The last Malaysian on the list, and most probably the most gifted and most experienced hiker among us would be Amir. Why gifted? Because he takes beautiful night pictures with all the stars visible! Plus.... all the pictures on this post is taken by him. Hiks.

Also the youngest guy in the group, he has somewhat resembles a cute puppy. Ehh a good way okay! Having the largest backpack (seen in green), he also carries more load than us. He has a watch that measures the current altitude which makes me die of envy. (I WANT THAT WATCH!) And a cool camera that could shoot in low light. This is what I'd say .... kecil-kecil cili padi  lah! 

Despite all his coolness.... he failed to cook nicely cooked rice.... (to be told in another blogpost... hehehehe)

Introducing you the cute Amir from Penang! 

Sorry Amir.. I took this picture from your Facebook. :P
Before I end this rather uneventful blogpost, let's introduce my guide (s) for this trip. Actually one guide couldn't come with us due to some mix-up at the train station so we ended up going with only one guide instead of two. 

We had a 14 years old girl with us which I am ever so grateful because at least I'm not the only female. Haha! So kudos to Amel and Hafiz for handling this rowdy group of Malaysians up to two mountains! Both from the Jakarta district, here are Amel and Hafiz!

Us trying to set camp at Savannah II of Mt. Merbabu. Our first mountain of our trip :)
Now that I've gone through a brief introduction to our small merry band of hikers. Let's move on to more frivolous details of our trip, shall we? But maybe later. Hehe.

Till next blogpost... tata!


agip roslan said... [Reply]

waaa..jard mantap la ko asyik naek gunung jer neh. i cam dh nk surrender walaupun impian nk tawan nepal masih membuak2.

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ agip.. kenapa nk sureender?!! janganlah givap... life is too short to just give up heheheh

Zilla said... [Reply]

dia dah kena basuh dengan aku haritu Jard tu yang insaf kot tak berani nk tinggalkan geng2 di belakang :D

aku nk tau cerita apa dah jadi dgn khemah korang mlm tu...ada kisah misterikah? aku dgr cerita byk kisah 'menarik' di area kita camping haritu...

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ zilla... hehehe.. patut le dah insap...

malam selepas aku tegur korang tu kan.. flysheet tertanggal sbb angin kuat. pehtuh mcm ada dengar ada dengar sesuatu atau "benda" tgh selongkar barang2 kat luar. mcm ada bunyik tarik2 barang pun ada..

tu je la.. sbb aku terbangun masa flysheet terbang tu.. sebbaik tak hujan je.. confem basah kuyup org2 dlm khemah. haha

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Alaa.. tu je ke kisahnya kak Jard? saya ingat misterius benar. haha. kita org tunggu kak jard dtg nak tumpang khemah mlm tu kot2 khemah kak Jard terbang. nak pergi jenguk kabus tebal gila mlm tu. tak nampak jalan. hikhik

Henry Lee said... [Reply]

Fulamak... hike buddy introduction pula. So nice of you! Semangat betul korang hiking ni ah :)

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ rafidah... hahahaha... belum lagi dapat pengalaman yg betul2 seram lg.. zilla banyak la. Ah malamnya mmg berkabus tebal ek? tak perasan.. perasan time siang aja. :P

@ henry... kamu jugak kan?? semangat ikut lari sini sana. hehe.