Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Purrfect Cat Cafe Penang

Holidays are over and I spent my first day of 2017 visiting Penang as a transit spot before heading back to Kuala Lumpur. I didn't have much to do during my stopover as I arrived Penang around 630pm from Kota Kinabalu and stayed at a chic hostel called "Syiok Hostel" at Jalan Chulia. A highly recommended place to stay with private quarters for an all female dormitory and shared bathroom. Free breakfast is included with the cost and taken on the top floor. Clean and tidy. Have to use hostel's indoor slippers to go around and your shoes are left outside. I loved the concept. Memang syiok lah! Haha.

I must say that the transportation in Penang is very convenient! The Rapid Penang buses are cheap and you can get around easily with just RM2.70, which is also the cost from Georgetown to the airport. And then there's UBER!

So where did I go in such a short time?

I read about Purrfect Cat Cafe from a map of Penang gotten from the airport. It wasn't that far away from Chulia street and decided to head there before my bus to KL at 12:30pm.

When I reached there, the cafe was still close. The time shown on my phone was 9:55am. Most of the shops were still closed except the Camera Musuem next to it. There were cats there too so I went to play with them first.

The cafe eventually opened around 10am and after looking around the cats' merchandise downstairs, I paid RM13.00 to enter the cat section upstairs. Hands washed and shoes left downstairs, I immediately started to capture some decent cat photos using my Huawei P9 Plus.

He's trying to tell me that he's the boss!

Grumpy cat this one is. All he wants to do is sleep! Haha!

Cats here keep a fitness regime with the help of this giant wheel!

The cats were simply adorable! But due to their house rules, the cats were not allowed to be held. So just let the lens do the talking!

And they have their own director's chair. :P
I spent another RM6 for coconut ice cream and ate with all the cats around me. My whole morning was spent here before heading back to the hostel to check out.

Was the experience worth it?

Well for RM13, it was quite pricey but I hope it helps cover the expenses of taking care of the cats kept there. At least I get to brush up my photography skills, if I have them. Hehe.



Henry Lee said... [Reply]

Wah comelnyaaaaa!!! Geram aku tengok grumpy cat tu! Haha

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ henry... cat cafes are springing up everywhere now in Malaysia right? hehe

Anonymous said... [Reply]

RM13 tu bayaran masuk saja ke?

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ anon... ahh bayaran masuk saja RM13.. dalam tu boleh order makanan ringan lain..

Therie said... [Reply]

Goodness those cats are too adorable!

Mi said... [Reply]

omg cute sungguh si meow ni, rasa nak kiss jaa sebab comel