Thursday, March 16, 2017

Chemerong Berembun Langsir Hiking Trip 2017

Last week I joined a trip to Chemerong National Park located in Terengganu. It was organized by an outdoor community who calls themselves Southern Eagle Adventure (SEA) headed by a woman named Lyn. I met her the first time during a hiking trip in Johor and now she is quite well known in the hiking world.

The trip was joined by 35 people of which 7 of them are women!

The trip takes 3 days and 2 nights, where we'd be spending both nights at the Langsir Waterfall, right above the gigantic falls. Eight hours of hiking is needed before reaching this campsite and it is compulsory to hire a guide.

This emerald pool is five minutes away from our campsite.
We also hiked to the nearby mountain of Berembun before spending the day away swimming and sliding down the slippery rocks to the pools below. I have never been to such undisturbed piece of wet heaven before, where you can directly drink the water whilst swimming without getting sick!

This place deserves a more visits in the future! AKU SANGGUP DATANG BANYAK KALI!

The isolation of the place and taking 8 hours to get here is a big factor on why the place is so untouched by pollution or littering. Thanks to the paid guides who kept it this way. Kudos! I actually felt really sad in leaving during the last day. I wished I could stay for a month at least! :(

Last but not least....

If only I have the skills and dedication to create my own travel videos... it would most probably look like the clip below. :P