Friday, August 24, 2018

A Cat Named Toby

To be honest, I'm not exactly a cat lover. The cat lovers of my family are usually my sister, Dr. Zeneria who would whole-heartedly nurse a sick cat to life and my youngest sister, Zasmin. Me? I accidentally killed a kitten while backing up my car at the office. It wasn't my most fondest memory but it has haunted me until this very day. So I took to only enjoying funny animal pictures and videos from the safety of my handphone/PC screen. I never dreamed of actually taking care of them. Haha.

So what happened?

A trip to a household who has 8 cats happened. I fell in love with an orange-eyed furball named Cha-cha among his 8 cats. From that day onwards I kinda kept nagging the owner to give it to me. And to my utter astonishment, he finally agreed!

But then, the cat died and I was given another cat named Toby and the rest is history. :)
Toby while watching me off to work in the morning or when I come home during mid-day. 

But again, I must remind you, I am no cat lover but having Toby for a few days now totally changed me. He's very "manja", loves to be fed but doesn't like to be held. He likes to lay on the floor, purring while we brush his heavy coat. He hates eating his medicine and doesn't like staying too long in his room which I provided with all his necessities. And window watching is his favorite hobby besides meowing me for food, that is.
I love this furball sooooooo much! 

He has learnt to take a liking to a pot of wheat grass I've gave him and pretty much ignored all the other cat toys I gave him. And he practically eats all the food that I gave him. Making him fatter with every passing week!

I love it that he never climbs on my furniture or make them his scratching pole. I love it that he never climbs my dinner table whenever I sit down to eat. I love it even more that he pretty much respects my privacy except when he wants to be fed or some loving attention. He's such a polite kitty cat and I love him for that!

Whenever I go to the kitchen and accidentally left the door open, Toby would try to sneak in and follow me. But every single time he does that, I'll show some angry gestures and ward him off. Nowadays, he'd just settle near the kitchen's doorway and never try to sneak in anymore. He's a pretty fast learner! Hahaha.

Mornings..... aahhhh.. At around 6am I'd go to his room and let him out so he could enjoy the sunrise together with me at the large window. A morning of peace and quiet. Both enjoying the view at the window. I especially love these moments, a lot. :P

It seems my life has changed ever since Toby entered my life. I felt there was never a life before him. It was as if he was in my life since forever! Sounds cheesy right? But everyday it made me to rush home immediately so that I can see him and make sure he's OK. Seeing his goofy little face always made my heart warm all over. Every single time. I truly hope he is happy living with me.

So no, am still not a cat lover.

I'm just Toby's hooman. :)


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Henry Lee said... [Reply]

Hello Toby, Toby.... kiut weihhhhh!