Monday, August 14, 2023

Updates in 2023

So what happened?

Covid happened. My heart got broken. Twice. My beloved daddy passed away. Two of my furry babies were given away and am missing them always. I downgraded my phone. And after moving to two states in the span of two years, am finally based in my state town which is Sabah. That's a lot to handle, both financially and mentally,  but am still here, right? 

I persevered, I survived. 

I'm grateful.

Physically, I gained a lot of weight  throughout the years and have long retired from any outdoor activities in which I once was so passionate about. Post-covid, and after getting covid twice, my memories are always foggy and it has caused me great difficulties in trying to remember things. 

Or maybe I'm just getting old. :)

I never had a liking to coffee before covid but maybe with all the extreme changes in my work and life-style, I'm now very fond of coffee especially ones bought from Starbucks. An unhealthy life-style choice, I know but it's made me Marie-Condo sparks of joy,  happy. Until I checked the mirror, and saw the extent of what the coffee loving habit has caused to my teeth. It yellowed horrendously. 

I am trying, still, to minimize drinking coffee. And failing in the process. At least I am not on drugs, aye? 

Oh, hell, my grammar has gone astray. I may have to start blogging again as a linguistic practice necessity or I might forget the language altogether. 

Currently had this need to post a blogpost after stumbling upon this old post about my blog.

Awww.. thankyou!

PS: Since covid, I've picked up the habit of reading fantasy novels and collecting rare editions of hardback books. A very expensive hobby that won't go way any time soon. As it helped me to cope and have a sense of escapism from life from time to time. Till next post, maybe, bye.