Monday, August 14, 2023

Naumul Hj. Mulud, a Father and Fighter

Naumul was born on the 3rd of February, 1957 to Hajah Nurah Jadal and Hj. Mulud Ganding in a wooden house on stilts in a rural area called Kampung Linau, Kota Belud. He was born at home and is the second youngest son among 9 siblings of 5 boys and 4 girls. It was a big family who depended economically on the harvest of their land, be it paddy or various vegetations. They also kept a chicken coop to gather eggs and slaughter chickens for trade or to feed themselves. 

It was a simple life. But Naumul wanted to be more. 

As he grow up, he was extremely close to his two brothers, one younger, Amiran and another older, Edul. With they are similar in age, they would always play and fight together. Sometimes competing for the same girl they liked! But his youngest brother was the one he was fondest. While his relationship with his elder brother Edul was strained to frequent outbursts and fighting almost everytime. There was also a time when Edul would fart in front of Naumul's face only to have feces accidentally squinted out! Naumul had quite the anger and would grab anything in the house to beat up Edul. This led to Edul running away from home and stayed away for almost two weeks! Edul has always become Naumul's mortal nemesis but  matured and got closer as they grew older. 

His education background started as a primary student at Sekolah Rendah Tempasuk II and later continued his studies at Arshad Middle School Kota Belud until Form 3. After that he went to a vocational school majoring in electronics and radio as he was more interested in practical courses instead of theory. This later qualified him to be hired for odd jobs such as a wiring guy or laborer for construction contracts, welding workshops and so on. His big breakthrough in life came when he landed a government job at Lembaga Letrik Sabah as an electrician or technician specializing in electricity at Kepayan. 

During this time he got married to a Kadazan Dusun belle from Papar named Olivia Kojuna. They met while renting at different rooms at the same building in Kota Kinabalu. Olivia was staying with her over protective elder brother while Naumul was living with his friend and was seen as an eligible bachelor. Dashing, confident young man in his twenties with a stable job to boot. It was not long before Olivia caught his wandering eyes and they courted before tying the knot in 1982. 

The first child, a baby girl was born on the 6th of January 1983. A second child, this time a boy was born on the 30th of July 1984 when Naumul was an area supervisor in Kota Marudu. With a growing family in the horizon, Naumul decided to further his studies to improve his earnings and move upward in life. Luckily, he was chosen among many eager candidates to receive a full scholarship to continue his bachelor engineering program in the United States of America. 

Enjoying four seasons in USA.

Naumul spent 7 years between 1986 and 1992 attending Mammoth College for his 1 1/2 years foundation program and  later on four years at Tri-State University of Angola, Indiana to finally obtain the Electrical Science Engineering degree. His two young children were able to be schooled in the USA education system from kindergarten until the 4th grade for the eldest daughter and 3rd grade for the young son, before continuing their education in Malaysia. Couples, Naumul and Olivia eventually had two more additions to the family which is a pair of son and daughter. Both born in Angola, Indiana with two years apart.

Now with four children in tow and a degree, Naumul's family eventually moved back to Malaysia and reunited with his family in Sabah. He was promoted to an engineer post in Lembaga Letrik Sabah at Semporna, Sabah and continued working there for four years before being transferred to Melawa, Kota Kinabalu,  and then to Kota Belud. His last position was in SESB Tuaran where he finally resign due to illness at the age of 55 years old. 

All through his senior years, he spent being active in politics for the UMNO party and later for the Warison until his death. He is celebrated among his peers as a hard working and dedicated man who never misses any political function and shows extreme loyalty to his political views. Rain or shine, he never fails to attend and show his dedication. 

As a loving father to 6 children and always striving for the best, his children later grew up to be successfully in their own right. With or without a degree.

He passed away peacefully at  11:37am, 29 Mac 2021 at KPJ Hospital surrounded by his family due to long illness. He now lays in peace in a marked grave, situated at Kampung Gunding and will always be remembered and loved. Al-fatihah.