Thursday, December 8, 2011

Japan Trip Day 4 : Tokyo Disneyland

On our third day at Makuhari Messe for the Inter BEE event and our fourth day in Japan, we decided to go back early and stop by Tokyo Disneyland on our way back. It was already half past three but we were determined to enter Disney even-though the time will be limited to try ALL the rides.


We only had to stop at the JR Maihama Station from JR Kaihin Makuhari Station which is only a few stops. When we first landed our feet on the cobblestones leading up to the magical land of Disneyland, we couldn't help being childish and giddy all over. All mentions of work was stopped as we merrily went our way to buy the entrance tickets.

Here at last! Though the weather wasn't faring well.
The prices of the tickets are the same for both local and foreign visitors, costing at only 6200 Yen. (which is equivalent to RM250). The girl at the counter seems to know little English as the only word she said that I understood was 'English'. LoL.

Tickets along with the map of the surrounding area.
Once inside, we were greeted with a HUMONGOUS Christmas tree. We really felt that we were in a Christmas Wonderland. Many visitors were taking pictures of themselves with the decorated tree but we couldn't bare to lose time as there were dozens of attractions to visit and experience.

HUGE Chistmas tree!
I was surprised to see an English woman clad in the infamous Mary Poppins costume greeting the visitors as they pass by. And believe me, she didn't speak a word of Japanese!!! It was British accent all the way. Charmingly delightful in a way. ^^

"Ah yes, let's fly with my magical umbrella!" 
Since it was nearing the Christmas season, they had parades within the park held two times a day. One during the daytime and another during the night time. Both parades were different, as the latter had lights and fireworks. =p

Alas, we didn't stop to sit down and enjoy the parade either as we were focused at the task in hand. Must ride on as many rides as possible and enter as many theaters too!

Very crowded as people stopped in their tracks to watch the parade go by.
It was nearing night time and we successfully rode on twice as many rides as expected. We played well past 10 pm. LOL.

Tokyo Disneyland is divided into SEVEN main areas.

  • Adventureland
  • Critter Country
  • Fantasyland
  • Tomorrowland
  • Toon Town
  • Westernland
  • World Bazaar
It was at the Country Bear Theatre in the Westernland Area did we chance upon an Indonesian speaking Japanese women who goes with the name Izumi. 

Picture taken with Izumi and her two sons. Her mother helped snap this picture.
Overjoyed to finally being able to communicate with a Japanese person, we immediately chattered amiably throughout the whole Bear Singing Theater experience. yes.. we got to watch bears in costumes singing Christmas Songs. A delightful experience. =)

All in all, most of the rides were for kids but we enjoyed it anyway. Immensely!

It was sad to leave Disneyland when almost half of it was left unexplored.

Maybe next time? Next time I must get there by 8 am to fully explore the whole theme park. Huhu.

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Boneka Tak Sakit said... [Reply]

250 klu ko x hbis explore rugi la beb huhuh...

HEMY said... [Reply]

kereta berarak tu lebih kurang je design dengan yg aku jumpa kat hong kong

Thristhan said... [Reply]

Wow, bestnye your tokyo trip. Marry Poppins there too :)

Lindy said... [Reply]

I wanna go Japan Disneyland too.... lol! :D The ticket costs RM 250, wow! Kinda expensive but worth it I see. hahaha

zino said... [Reply]

best nya...

Najwa H. said... [Reply]

Eh, kita gi jepon sama time ke? hehe. I went to Disneyland too! Spent one day there and also another day in Disney Sea. Totally worth every cent! I took so many photos my posts are divided into ten posts for Disneyland alone. haha.

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