Monday, August 13, 2012

Halal Chinese Food @ KungFu Paradise, Paradigm Mall KJ

One of my favorite Chinese dishes would be Dim-sum of a certain seafood restaurant found only in Petaling Jaya. This time I tried another Halal Chinese restaurant situated at Paradigm mall Kelana Jaya. I was invited by Ivy Kam for a food review and this restaurant is currently having a Ramadhan Special Promotion. Always up for any food adventure, I went there right after work for fear of the massive traffic jams.

The exterior of the restaurant quickly caught my eye as it was in striking orange with colorful pictures of meals plastered on a standing banner outside and also at the entrance. It eases the people to order before entering.

Funky chairs and cute round or square tables. Dining concept to cater the young!
I arrived earlier as expected and had time to scrutinize the cafe caretel-like menu. It serves a variety of Asian and western cuisine, enough to make me spoiled with choices. Drinks were ordered and I ordered Oreo Shake while my partner ordered the restaurant's signature drink, the Kungfu Stylo Coffee (cold). Right after the azan which they played LIVE in the restaurant did the food arrived!
From left: Larva Custard Bun, The Duo Master (baked rice with two choices of meat), Tango Mango Mousse with  Nippon Power Ais Kacang, and my Oreo Shake. 
One of the signature dishes of that restaurant is the Kungfu Bumger (this is the right spelling) as shown below. As I dined away, I noticed that most of the other diners in the restaurant ordered this particular burger! Spotted one alone at a corner munching happily on this too as I bit into mine. Hehe.
The restaurant's popular Kungfu Bumger. It deserves a reorder! LOL!
We tasted other dishes that night and it was definitely a mouthful! I usually review Ramadhan Buffets but this was my first time reviewing individual dishes before. Trying to remember all the dishes' names was a struggle!
A meal fit for the king!! Damn delicious la!
I particularly liked the Tango Mango Mousse Cake. OMG!! Could have died contently while eating this cake. Super duper liked it!
Am so gonna order this again the next time I come around. LOL!
Other meals we tasted are shown below.
Clockwise from upper left: Dry Ramen with Chicken Sausage, Flaming Crab Noodle, Stir Fried Rice, Kuey Teaw, Chicken Salad. (Sorry I couldn't remember half of their original menu names.)
I especially liked the chicken salad. They didn't use any dressing whatsoever except for some sort of spicy sauce. And it tasted heavenly! Having said that, lemme share you this month's promotion for Ramadhan. It's a worth a try!
Ramadhan Special Promotion 2012 @ Kungfu Paradise, Pardigm Mall
So what are you waiting for? =)


hazman aka species1980 said... [Reply]

whoaaa.. dah hujung-hujung pun ada lagi food review nie yea... hebat la si Ivy nie... anyway hidangan makanan tu memang nampak best jee

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@hazman.. hehe. sebbaik makanan tu sesedap rupanya. tak rugi beb nk dine sini!

Nick Chan said... [Reply]

Every time I pass by this restaurant, it seems very quiet or less customer one. Nevermind, next time I go try out.

JMR said... [Reply]

owh halal ek..nmpk pon sedap2 ni..

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@nick chan... I went there last week, it's was bustling with customers when I was there! maybe u went there during low peak season. =p

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@JMR... halal. dan mmg sedap. harap cuba lenkali. hehe